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Result-driven article writing services

Looking for an article writing agency, who can help your audience more educated? We are here to help you.

Today’s online business is all about knowledge sharing. Be it a product or service, organizations must share about their product.  Thanks to the Internet who has made it possible.

Think for a while. Thousands of visitors learn about your product and they share their experience. How is that possible. Here comes the article. A well-written article can drive traffic to your website, and you get results. But not the simple, and generic article. We provide SEO articles.

The benefit of SEO article

Your customers are worldwide. They look out for a meaningful article. A well-researched article certainly adds value to your audience. But that is not the end. You will get more benefits than you expect.

  • Adding value to your audience
  • Establish your company profile
  • Audience building
  • Helps in link building
  • Get return traffic to your website
  • Helps in SEO
  • Search engines show interest
  • Build trust
  • More business opportunities

Types of article writing we provide

Persuasive article: We know how hard it is to convince customers. Unless you show some facts and reasons, they will not agree. Here comes persuasive writing. Unlike the generic articles, these articles are based on reasons, facts, justification, and recommendations. The bottom line is to convince the customer

How-to article: These are step-by-step article, that helps your audience for particular products or services.

Q&A: Unbelievably, 70 percent web search based on question/problem (also known as long-tail keywords). This kind of article tries to answer a particular answer. Quora is one of the most popular Q&A platforms.

Profile writing: Want a profile that should talk about your achievement, work style, and character? We write personal profile for LinkedIn, Wiki, and other profile sites.

Trend article: Trend articles are fresh and it makes a significant impact on your audience. We provide trend articles including politics, sports, fashion, movie and more.

News article: We help to publish your article in newspapers and magazines. These articles are longer in nature.

Recipes: Do you love to share your recipes with your audience. We write recipes that are crisp and easy to follow.

Here is how Canny Turtle writes article (s) for your business

  • Research about your readers: Whenever we write an article for you, we do in-depth research including pain points, trends, and customers’ persona.
  • Try to keep the article simple: Customers just takes less than 3 seconds to decide. We ensure article is simple and easy to understand. We use small paragraphs and use active voice.
  • Adding headings: Catchy headlines are key to success. We use short and catchy title, heading, and sub-heading
  • Inserting searchable keywords: Online readers are not free to go through the whole article. They are always looking for particular keywords they look for. We use primary keywords supported by LSI, problematic, and other long-tail keywords.
  • Avoiding redundancy: We do not use the same words or sentences.

Hire us for article writing services 

Canny Turtle will help you out for creating articles for your audience with our article writing services.  Our motto is to create quality article. So come up with idea of writing articles and give us a briefing. Our professionals will write SEO articles that easily searchable on the Internet and makes it worth reading.


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