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Email & SMS Marketing

Welcome to Email & SMS Marketing Solutions page of Canny Turtle!

Based in Bangalore, we are the industry leaders offering search engine optimsation and related services for small business. We have catered all kinds of firms and have strongly believed and worked for the empowerment of small businesses.

Why choose email marketing?

  • You can repeat your sales with the same customers by staying in touch with them through emails. Email marketing saves you large from the time of converting a lead into a customer, which is a huge time consuming process. Rather than finding a new customer, you can repeat selling to the same customers that you have acquired.
  • It gets easy to market your products and services with email marketing. If you are into cross selling, you can save a huge amount of money by selling emails of what you have to sell to the leads already generated.
  • Of course, email marketing is cheap and affordable. You can send to millions without having spent a fortune. We help you in getting the leads, and not to forget, offline selling is triggered by email marketing more than anything else.

When it comes to Email & SMS Marketing, our clients swear by our services because we cater you in an extremely customized manner. Here is a look at what you can expect from us.

  • Small business are often short of money thatís needed for online marketing, and thatís one of the many reasons why email marketing works best for them. Emails offer you returns without investing a fortune, and thatís what we do with our email marketing services. We offer you mass email marketing services that suited for your niche and is planned with adequacy.
  • We have the best email marketing experts with us who know what is needed in an email marketing campaign. We will not only design the campaign, but will take all the required tasks for tracking the progress. Emails are highly powerful tools for online marketing, and we ensure we make the most of it for you.
  • Email marketing services from Canny Turtle can be flexed as per your requirements. In case, you have special needs, we will ensure everything is taken care of. We will sit down with your team to know the kind of online expectations you have from the campaign and would customize our services.

SMS marketing services from Canny Turtle: SMS marketing is getting popular by the day for the fact it is complete location based marketing that has high rates of conversions. We offer you services that send bulk messages via a tested SMS software. Again, the need for marketing via SMS is dependent on the kind of services you offer and the kind of expectations and customers you have.

Why need SMS marketing?

  • Going by numbers, SMS marketing has much more conversion rates. This is in comparison to the conversion rates of that of TV and print media. SMS marketing bring much more business than these two conventional mediums.
  • By statistics, 25% of the Indians have participated one or the other SMS contests. This simple means that you can talk and reach your customers in a much simple manner with shirt messaging services. it is likely that 5-6 of 10 people would enquire about SMSs received by them. You are likely to get more conversions or can at least get people talking about your product of service.
  • Canny Turtle is dedicated towards making SMS marketing cheap and affordable for small businesses. SMS marketing is extremely cost effective and ROI is extremely high. Rather than spending on conventional ways of marketing, it makes sense to ensure that use the power of mobiles up to your maximum benefit.

Our SMS marketing team will take time to understand the kind of customers and audiences you are looking for, and we will design a package thatís best suited for you. Hereís what you get with us!

  • A well designed and result oriented SMS marketing package
  • Bulk national and international SMS
  • Tracking of conversions
  • Around the clock support
  • Revisions in plans as per requirements

We would encourage you to use our SMS and email marketing services together with our SEO services for optimum results. Please feel free to get in touch with our experts via our sales team. We are looking forward towards having you on board, and not to forget, we are exclusively offering help from small and startup businesses that need an instant boost in their services.