About Us

We’re just a team of zealous, fanatical (at times) and dedicated mavericks who sincerely believe that an idea if penned down aptly, speaks a thousand words; if articulated well, it can build the foundation of business growth. Yes, we believe in the idea of transforming the world, with words that can bring ideas to life.

What happens when ideas meet creativity? Yes, you’re right. Magic happens! And as our name suggests, we are ‘canny’ in nature as we believe in earning you money by guiding you and giving a joyous quirk to your thoughts. We are a team of passionate and edgy enthusiasts who facilitate expression by bringing your ideas to life. We wish to pen down your imaginative concepts in a world-class quality content by using our pool of talent, approach, flair, imagination, and creativity in a collaborative environment. If a picture speaks a thousand words, we make it tell a story through words.

What we do?

At Canny Turtle, we deliver you a plethora of online services in content writing and copywriting services. We are mainly into content development and we take up to 40 different types of content writing for websites, blogs, brochures, user guides, press releases you name it, we do it!

We build content strategies for enterprises to make them realize how people, technology and content coverage just no end to all means. Mere development or management of content will not suffice for the growth of an organization. Innovation, novelty, creativity and originality are the pillars on which our organization stands forth.

Content writing, when magnificently beaded like pearls, can get people hooked to your website, products, and services. Out of the millions of content developed all over the world, some get attention and some just vanish. Have you ever wondered why? Content writing does that magic! Words do miracles.

You don’t have to get wrinkles worrying over whether the message you intended to share reached the audience correctly. We extend our hands to take care of your business by collaborating with the right person at the right time.

Our team consists of well-qualified and experienced researchers, content writers, scholars and proofreaders who can just not play with words but also create highly researched original quality content.

We are also into:

  • Wordsmiths straddling technical and content worlds
  • SEO content architects
  • Ghostwriting experts
  • Social media content specialists
  • Newsletter and case studies champions
  • Academic writing hub
  • Instructional designing sharpshooters
  • Advertising cop mavens
  • Nocturnal support

Our trusted professional services speak for our name

We offer the best copywriting services–be it website copywriting or SEO copywriting to engage your customers and to convert prospects into leads. With our exclusive content writing services, we help you to engage the right segment of your customers. We help you build the right tone of voice both for your brand and clients. Delivering the right copywriting services to some of our popular clients like Trio World, Beams Hospital, Nu Cosmetic, Info Check Point, Ampliz, and many more in number.

Our trusted professional services speak for our name. We help you with managing your marketing, branding, online activities in the most tech-savvy way. Our professionals aid growing firms to keep pace with the digitally transforming business world and technology. We offer blog post writing, guest post writing services, press release writing, web copywriting and other related services. Engaging and relevant content is the market need to track down the right customers for your B2B/B2C business solutions. Floating out the right mix of words and content is the need for digital marketing companies out in the market today. We cover copywriting in all tones from the fun and informal to the serious and sensible versions of it. Though our trusted professionals we ensure service delivery on time with the best in quality.

Our other related services include pay per click ads, e-newsletters, sales emails, brochures, advertorials, and advertisements. We help in developing and engaging your target customers with the right web content and newsletter services. Our milky way of experts comprises of sales director, marketing consultant, PR consultants, social media consultants, SEO consultants from the best schools globally. Our studio expertise team helps in delivering WordPress websites. Our team works in close coherence with sole traders and sole-preneurs and works in accordance with the best in business strategies.

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