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Crack the sale with our battle card writing services

Are you looking for battle card writing service provider, which can make your salesperson well equipped? You have reached right place. With our effective battle card writing services, you will be able to get more business. We want your sales team wins a battle whenever they go for a client conversations.

We provide different types of battle card including IT, electronics, appliance, software, machineries, gadgets and more.

What are battle cards      

Battle cards are crisp content about your product, benefits, supports, and your competitors’ info. Battle cards have all the info including graph, chart, infographics, and you vs. them. Some battle cards also have videos as well. When your salesperson visits a client, he/she can showcase these battle cards and win a deal. You are not alone in the market, there are other players too. Therefore, you need think your business like a battle.

Efficient battle cards offer important points that intersect the expectations and needs of buyers with the benefits of the product and the competitive differentiators that meet those needs. Meaningful battle cards do not flood salespeople with facts; rather provide salespeople with useful information to entice customers to meet their needs.

Why you need battle card for your organization

In today’s competitive market, the most valuable tool for any sales forces is to convince a client in an effective way. You need to educate your sales force about the competitions, enable them to dig and create traps in the mind of your buyers.

Nowadays various small and big product based organization are using this approach to boost up there sales and get more gain out of the market which is overcrowded with competitors.

Before battle cards the manager has to sit back with senior management team and to form the positioning of companies however with advancement in battle cards it makes easy for your sales people to know about their competitors. When you outsource your battle card writing services to us, we will give you a complete plan, along with the benefits you will achieve.

How we write battle card for you

Once we receive battle card writing order from you, we prepare a blueprint for your product. It starts with your competitors and their products.

  • Top three competitors of your product
  • Product features
  • competitor analysis
  • Finding your competitors strength, weaknesses and where they lack
  • Best approach to distinguish your product
  • Market condition – sales staff should have firm understanding about the market condition and when to jump in
  • Prices: how your product price should be comparable and lower than your competitors
  • Target customers and opportunities – what pros and cons your customers are experiencing and how to overcome that
  • Promoting our product: different and effective ways of promoting the product
  • Success stories and references

Our battle card writing services

Different organization need different types of battle card, as their purpose is unique. This is why we have segregated our battle card.  Here is the list:

  • server, cloud computing, hosting, automation, tools
  • Laptop, printer, camera, CCTV
  • TV, refrigerators, washing machine (Home appliance)
  • Loan, saving scheme
  • Real estates, hotel, land
  • online course, education
  • B2B products

Why choose us for battle card writing services

Canny Turtle has been providing professional Battle card writing services since 2012. We have worked on variety of battle cards including IT, non-IT, and product based companies.

Our professional team has vast knowledge about the battle cards and they know how to crack down your competitors and boost up your sales force. We use following points:

  • Easy to understand language for your sales force
  • Strategically written so that your sales force can easily act
  • Enough value (sound bites and social proof) added to your battle card

Contact us for battle card today. Let’s discuss.

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