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Picture are worth thousands words, if you have data and looking for professional help to create a graphical view of your data which gives better understand then connect with us. With our professional experience, we will help you to create the one.

Graphical view or visual interpretation of any data always provide comprehensive way to get information about any annual growth of company, sales growth on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis or to compare data from two different mediums and find out the profit and loss of any company.

Comparison Chart is one of the chart which is use to compare the data and provide information in form of a chart which gives a graphical view to learn and take wise decision from the same. Many organizations across the globe are using this approach today in order to take proper decision.

What is Comparison Chart?

Let say you are company manager and you want to compare the company’s annual growth for two different years, let say you are sales person and you want to compare the sales revenues on quarterly basis or annual basis or you want to compare the visitors of ten best websites online or you are support guy and you want to compare the support tickets those which are major, minor etc. How you can do that for all this purpose the comparison chart  is use which is pictorial or visual interface showing those comparisons and making it easy to understand for any one in an organization.

It always difficult to communicate our study’s result to our co-workers manually as if it is given in form of manual or hard copy without any image it will be hard to understand but if we can give in form of comparison chartthen it could be much more useful for them to understand the same.
Every chart will contains the X and Y Axis where you can plot your parameters for instance if it sales revenue then Revenues in dollars could be implement in one axis and then time (Quarter number in form of Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 could be plotted in another and then you can create your chart for each quarter with different colour which will give you the comparison for all the quarter does that make sense yes indeed visual interface always makes sense as it is easy to understand too.

Types of Comparison Charts:

  1. Tabular Comparison
  2. Matrix based models, for example the balanced scorecard
  3. Quantitative charts like line chart, pie chart, bar chart etc.

Are you bother about your sales target, support target any KPI’s at your end how you can achieve those to get more profit in next year or to become more productivity. Indeed the Excel could be could part to create such charts but it also includes some manual entries to be done which may take your time, effort and more resources are also needed then why to go for such approach connect with us. We will help you out in a way that your documents will also not be disclosed at any point to any one and we will keep your propriety information safe and secure for which you will need to follow the below steps:

  • Register yourself, provide basic information
  • Once submitted our professional will get in touch with you for requirement gathering which includes of what kind of comparison charts you are looking for, what all data you have based on which you want to prepare that chart.
  • Once the requirement Is gathered after that our team will prepare one draft requirement document and send you across for sign off once that is done
  • After that our engineer will ask for various document needed for creating this chart once all requirement are with us
  • Our team will prepare along with entering all information from any medium and then create chart for the same and provide you with that
  • We have annual plans for the same to connect with us where our team will every time prepare such comparison charts for you which will provide a value in your company and help you out to look for other stuff.

Still confused? Then get in touch with us and go through our different case studies and charts we prepared we do have that approach also where you can feed your data and create chart which will provide you with such  comparison chart on your fingertips.

Want to know where you are in terms of revenue, growth, profit or loss then you should opt for using some graphical view or pictorial data comparison which gives you comprehensive information from where you can easily take decision, which is called comparison chart, comparing data and providing information in form of graphical view.

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