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Are you a Project Manager? Looking for best requirement specification document? Which capture all requirements in comprehensive and precise way? Not getting any such documents? Do not have any clues to create the same? Don’t worry we can help you out to create the one. Requirement specification document is an important document which is needed by any project manager to insert all the information about the requirement from any client or customer related to the software product which they have procure.

Based on the requirement which they have taken the development of the new feature or bug will be taken care so there will not be any last minute hiccups when those feature are developed and ready to deploy. However, there are certain standards and structure which needs to be taken in account for creating such SRS.

What is SRS (Software Requirement Specification)?

Standard Requirement Specification Is kind of agreement between customers and contractors or suppliers (or marketing person) which will include what software will do and what it will not expect to do. It includes in depth requirements before starting with the design phase which helps in reducing the time which it may took for redesign the software’s. Moreover, it also includes of basis for product costs, risks and schedules.

Basic Structure of creating SRS:

SRS is an essential document before starting any project as unless and until the requirements for creating a project is not clear you cannot move ahead with developing any software because it may fails at end and result into redesign of code which takes more time, resources and project cost may get increased. Hence the Standard Requirement Specification document must be well structured and should include all necessary information needed by designer, coder and tester to develop a system. Typical or general structure of Standard Requirement Specification is as follows:

  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose
    2. Definitions
    3. System Overview
    4. References
  2. Overall Description
    1. Product Perspective
      • System Interfaces
      • User Interfaces
      • Hardware Interfaces
      • Software Interfaces
      • Communication Interfaces
      • Memory Constraints
      • Operations
      • Site Adaptation and Requirements
  3. Product Functions
  4. User Characteristics
  5. Assumptions and Dependencies (if any needed)
  6. Specific Requirements
    1. External Interface Requirements
    2. Functional Requirements
    3. Performance Requirements
    4. Design Constraints
      1. Standard Compliance
    5. Logical Database Requirement
    6. Software System Attributes
      1. Reliability
      2. Availability
      3. Security
      4. Maintainability
      5. Portability
  7. Other Requirements

Standard Requirement Specification’s should be created in a way that it is easy to read, review and understand. Imagine in a hurry to create great specification to impress the managers your aim of creating a great product will get affected so keep in mind not to create a great specification but aim to create specification which can help to create great product using that specification. Moreover, you will able to get guidance as well as definition from IEEE .

Benefits of writing Good SRS:

  • It reduces the development efforts
  • Minimize the changes which may come at various position
  • Provide basis for estimating costs and schedules
  • Provide baselines for validation and verification
  • It also serve as a basis for enhancement
  • It also assists the potentials users to determine if software meets the requirement

We at DBSNext level, with our vast experience in vast technical expertise and experienced engineers can help you out with creating such SRS ( Standard Requirement Specifications ) document. Our experienced professionals will be a mediator between you and your customer and prepare and sign off your SRS which will create value for your product.


Standard Requirement Specification document is a vital document for any organization, so it should be well structure, informative, easy to use, easy to understand, flow should be good making it best document to understand the requirement from client or customer which can be mapped with current solution, and do the feasibility study for such requirement to accomplish.

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