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Direct Mailer Writing

Want to increase your sale growth and in turn want to increase your capital gain too. Then Direct mailer could be one of the best marketing strategies which you can implement to capture best leads, if you are not aware of creating the one, then get in touch with us, our professional will help you out to create the one.

Direct Mailer is one to one correspondence, which includes sending across all brochure, letters, promotional information or offers, send across to all your clients or customers. It is important way of marketing your product and keeping your customer engage with you and generate new leads with the way of marketing you are performing.

It provides all small or medium organization to connect with their customer personally and know their experience or feedback about their product which in turn provide you a chance to get close to the customer, giving them best experience with the product or service which a particular company is selling.

What is Direct Mailer?

Direct Mailer provides a wide variety of marketing materials which includes of brochures, catalogues, post cards, newsletters and sales letters. It is a way of contacting carefully the targeted prospects with custom offer or promotional letters. Most Corporates sees it as one of the most effective way for reaching out there new and existing clients and in turn increasing the growth and profitability of the company.

Advantages of Direct Mailer:

  • Direct mailer will allow you to communicate one on one with your target audience. Hence you can sit back without any worries which are occurring while you do other forms of advertising where you are not aware to whom it is targeting
  • It allows you to get in touch with new and existing client in turn increase the probability of customer engagements
  • It will allow you to know about any issues they are facing or feedbacks from them which you can improve to create good experience for them.
  • It is easy to track which in allows most companies to easily compute their Return on Investment
  • The information provided in direct mail is highly informative making it convenient for the customer to read and get more information out of the same


  • Direct Mailer usually cost lot of money to send out direct mail in volume. Postage and printing can be extremely expensive.
  • Despite the effort we apply for designing and writing such direct email most of the mail recipients do not read such emails or it remain unread many times

Effective way for Direct Mailer:

  1. Choose proper colour, based on your product or firm or organization you belong too. For instance if the direct mail is for party then use neon to attract your party lovers, if it is for lawyer you can use grey or black in those cases etc.
  2. Give important information up front
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Break into paragraphs
  5. Use attention grabbing head liners, Use some action words and always include P.S. Post scripts
  6. Provide crystal clear and interactive images in the direct email
  7. Content should be easy to read and understand with proper fonts and colours
  8. Always present your promotional offer on first page
Hire professionals to create your Direct Mail because it is a vital part of marketing:

Product or Service based companies relies on their product to be sale and they are always feared of their competitor who may grab the market before they do. Hence, they are always trying to use different approaches to reach their customer like email, phone marketing or customer engagement or direct mailer. Direct Mailer is an effective approach, but could be effective in case it is created in proper way and it target your audience who could be your future leads and with the help of which you can earn or grow. So why not to select ABC Company, our company is pioneer in creating such direct mailer and have also helped many small and large organizations for their growth too. So what you are waiting for connect with us.


Direct mailer is vital process of marketing which involves the steps to market your product using various medium and to get close with your customer providing you with an opportunity to improve yourself. Hence, it is important to have good medium to be selected for the direct mailer which could give you more benefit.

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