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Found any issue, want to document the same and publish to other? But not getting any clues? How to start writing such factsheet? Do not worry; we will help you out in creating such factsheet? Factsheet is very important paper which gives information about the issues, any process to be followed, product list, technical data, FAQ etc.

Nowadays, many small or medium or big organizations are using the factsheet in order to raise any issues or process which needs to be followed. Factsheet gives information in a concise way which is easy to understand, follow and go through the same. Most importantly there are many areas where factsheet are popular like public announcement where they are distributed publicly for any religious message, events, instructions etc. Moreover, they are also easy to develop and publish.

What is fact sheet?

Fact sheet is a single sheet of paper containing important facts about the issue. Generally it is a presentation of data in a concise format which emphasizes key points. The layout of any fact sheet is simple and standardized which may include of table, bullet points and or headings and it usually a single printed page. It mostly contains product information, technical data, lists, statistics, FAQs, answer to common questions any education materials etc.

Why fact sheets are important and why we make fact sheets

Fact sheets are important because it gives piece of information or instruction in concise way which all the people associated with you will able to go through the same and use it in their daily activities as and when required

Targeted Audience are as follow:

Fact sheet can be distributed publicly they can be handed out in any community events, public meetings, meeting of governing bodies etc.

We can aim fact sheet to any of the below audiences:

  1. Civic Organizations
  2. Business Groups
  3. School Boards
  4. Parents teacher groups
  5. Any religious organizations
  6. Local press

And many more

How to create an effective fact sheet:

With our more than 15 years of experience we at Canny Turtle can provide you with some suggestion to create a good fact sheet:

  1. First thing about the audience for the fact sheet
  2. After that thing about the message you want to insert in your fact sheet
  3. Try to find your facts from various mediums
  4. Make sure your facts come from reputable sources
  5. Keep fact sheet for one page only
  6. Make it readable, understandable, keep it clean and neat and use good font size throughout the fact sheet
  7. Keep each and every text brief as no one is free to read all information given in the same
  8. Always keep the most important information in the first paragraph
  9. Give reference or more information links etc. in end
  10. Use bullets point to make it more readable
  11. Decide how you want to lay your fact sheet out
  12. Do proof reading
  13. Give justification or explain each and every facts in proper way which is more understandable for any person or target audience

Things which you can avoid while writing such factsheets:

  1. Do not stretch the truth much
  2. Make it simple
  3. Avoid false data or unscientific surveys or polls
  4. Do not repeat again and again
  5. Do not overload your reader with too many facts

Fact sheet is important way to get information out in an efficient way there are no hard core samples to create such fact sheet but you can go through the tips and tact’s given above by Canny Turtle which is pioneer in such technical aspects and use them and create the one for you in case you need any help to create then you can approach use with your facts and our professional team will create the same for you.


Factsheet provide you with a medium where you can spread your message across millions, there are no standardized samples to be followed but you can create factsheet by your own. The only things are before producing such factsheet, do go through the tips and tact’s available on free on internet.

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