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Want to increase your sales growth? Want to market your product with less cost and capture broader area of audience. Looking for such cost effective marketing strategy where you can reach your customer in person or hand to hand, then you should opt for Flyers which the best form of the marketing, looking for professional help, then we will be happy to help you out.

There are several benefits which are associated with this form of marketing like flyers are available in different style, design and format. But out of all those the important benefit is it is cost effective, which all organization are looking for, because the biggest challenge of marketing is the cost behind the same. Moreover, second most important benefit is, it can be use for the mass marketing which means flyer can be distributed in any area where the other type of marketing may not reach.

There are many ways to advertise your product or service you are providing which will help in growing your business too. Flyer is one of the same which is a form of paper advertisement use to advertise in public places or through the mall. The other names of flyer are circular, handouts, leaflet etc. and it is usually intended for wide distribution. Flyers are also used by an individuals, businesses or organizations too.

Types of Flyers

Flyers are also seen as low-cost form of mass marketing and the same is coming in different formats like:

  • A4
  • A5
  • DL
  • A6
Flyers are used at:

Flyers are specifically use for

  • Advertising an event such as music, concert, night club etc.
  • Promote goods and services
  • Use to send religious or political messages
  • In order to recruit new employees and so on
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Even though Flyers are inexpensive to product but when they distributed after that you will find many more such waste all around you. Flyers are made from paper and paper are from trees so there are widespread cutting of trees leading to global warming effects and it also result into dust everywhere when the person will distribute the same. It also takes much time to print it and product the same. Hence, with advance of internet and other technologies nowadays flyers are product online by professionals. We at Canny Turtle are pioneer in creating such flyers with our large amount of images or designs or styles which are available with us. There are few simple steps you need to perform for creating your flyers :

  • Login to our website
  • Register yourself by submitting your personal information
  • Once validated you can login into the system
  • Select Flyer Creation which will have 3 steps
  • First step – select the design, style, images and select fonts and colour as well as write the content in the given block
  • Second step – Preview the flyer you created in case you want to edit it then edit the same and then again preview it
  • Third Step – Pay nominal amount and download the flyer at your end

We also have different approach for using this flyer  we can do email marketing for you by sending same flyer online to millions by mass email for which you need to pay amount based on volume you need to send across.

Flyers making is easy online rather than giving it for printing as flyers in printing will have limited resources with images and colours but online you will have vast collection from which you can select and use the same. Moreover, our online Flyer creation also provide you with provision to upload your own image and text you want to add and also allow you to preview the same and change it at any time you want. Can’t imaging Flyer making could be this much easy but our company has could make it easy for you so what you are waiting for come connect with us.


All organization small or medium or big is always looking for mode of marketing where they can capture broader audience and which is also not costing much. So in such situation flyer could be one of the options for them.

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