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Want to get professional writing? Who can write your biography? Which can help many out there, to implement your success mantras in their life? But do not want to get expose? Don’t worry; we are professional ghost writers who can help you out to create such biographies. All celebrities, political people, business man have different stories behind their success to be a top leader for in their field. Moreover, there are many people across the globes that are following such leaders to be like them, they make them as their ideal.

However, it is difficult to know the success stories of such people, an ordinary writer could not write about them, there are special writers who are needed, called ghost – writer, they are called as ghost because when any person writes about them, they actually write for other person and not for themselves. So people will not come to know about them.

Who are Ghost-writers?

Ghost-writers are writer only but they write any books, manuscripts, screenplays, and blogs etc. that are officially credited to other person. Usually celebrities, politicians, business man often ghost-writers to draft or edit their autobiographies, magazines, articles or other written material associated with them. Ghost-writers are used for various purpose and in various field for instance in music they are used to write the songs or lyrics. Similarly screenplay authors may use ghost-writers for modifying or rewriting of their scripts.

Hence, we can see that ghost-writers are having different degree of involvements. For example some ghost-writers are hired to edit and clean up the mess in writing, some hired to do most of writing works, and some may be doing research work. They usually spend from several months to a full year researching, writing, editing nonfiction or fiction works for their clients. Ghost-writers are paid per page or per each words or total word count.

Types of field in which Ghost-writers provides these services:
  1. Nonfiction
  2. Fiction
  3. Political
  4. Religious
  5. Academic
  6. Medical
  7. Website
  8. Music
  9. Pop Music
Hire professional Ghost-writing services :

Ghost-writing services is not simple task. We at Canny Turtle  provide professional Ghost Writing Service  which is designed in a way that it will help you out achieve your goals for publishing. We will be with you from first stage of planning up to the end when book publish and it is in your hand and you open the first page. Our ghost writing services includes following stages:

  1. Stage 1 – Interview with you in order to get information about you and the book you want to publish
  2. Stage 2 – Planning stage where our professional will plan and outline your book
  3. Stage 3 – Ghost-writing – start writing the book
  4. Stage 4 – Proof read and revision if any from you end
  5. Stage 5 – Formatting including colour, pages, paragraphs, font in the writing
  6. Stage 6 – Proof reading stage to eliminate any errors coming in
  7. Stage 7 – Searching for good services and publisher to publish the book and services who can keep our book on shelf
  8. Stage 8 – Designing – Designing the book front and last page with interactive images
  9. Apart from this we are available 24 X 7 for discussing your project from beginning to end whenever it is needed
But why you will choose us as your Ghost write your book:
  1. More than 15 years of experience in Ghost writing the books
  2. World class ghost writers available with us
  3. World class content and images for front and last page available with us
  4. Proven record of publishing and also millions of clients using our ghost writing service

So what you are waiting for, call our professional ghost-writer or connect with us and we will help you out with creating, structuring and publishing the best ghost writhed books which will boom your sale when they come to the floor among other books.


Some time, big celebrities or any filmmaker does not want to disclose the name of the person who helps them in writing their books, autobiography or screenplay. They want to hide them as they are a secret treasure for them. Such secret treasures are ghost – writers.

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