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Induction presentation writing

Fed up of giving information to each and every new employee, fed of up of all their questions which are coming from new employees joining your organization? In this situation as a HR you should think smart and develop induction presentation, which you can share with them or create a video for the same which gives all information. Looking for professional help to create the one, don’t worry we can help to create it.

As a new employee, when you come for the first day to any company, then you always feel nervous because you are not aware of all the rules and regulation, which all managers are there under which you have to work or what are the processes to be followed. What if a presentation is shown to you, the moment you reach to the company which gives answer to all your doubts which are there in your mind. It is said that picture is worth thousands of word, this type of presentation is known as induction presentation which gives information about company to new bees.

Induction presentation is a vital process of human resource department of any organization. Imagine you are new Employee who just get recruited at some big or small organization and it is your first day at office but you do not get any instruction about whom to meet, where to sit, whom to see in case of any problem, where are rest room, what are rules and regulation, what is break time, what are different holiday’s you are entitled of etc. then how you will behave when you approach your new company you will feel like a rat in between many cats without any clue about what is happening around you. However, in such case if induction presentation is provided to you by your concern Human Resource department then it could be help full for you to settle down on vary first day at your company. Induction presentation contains information for the new employees which includes of history of company, who is who, company policies, performance reviews etc.

How to create an effective Induction Presentation:

Induction Presentation includes of all those information which a new employee is looking for or which is stuck in their mind while they are at your organization. The effective induction presentation could be as follow:

  1. It should be divided into different parts
  2. Part 1 should be welcoming to organization (history of company / about company)
  3. Part 2 should be depicting information about working policies at company (Performance / bonus related information)
  4. Part 3 could be finance and account regulations (Tax payment)
  5. Part 4 safety & occupational health information
  6. Part 5 could be information security and usage of internet policies (Usage of internet and other components of computers)
  7. Part 6 how to keep up with your colleagues (team goals and working with teams)
  8. Part 7 could be who is who and to whom you should approach in any problem
  9. Then you should include about extra curriculum activities and our mission and vision ahead
  10. Give information about rules and regulation as well as policies with which they should adhere of.
  11. Human resource or administrative details (Casual leaves or any other leaves details)
  12. Keep it simple, easy to understand and grasp for new employee

Treat Induction presentation not as to create quality and great presentation but treat it as an open book containing all information for new employee in order to make them settle down in new company.

Nowadays Induction Presentation has been very important but creating the same could be a bit hassle some as it requires ease of language, much of information to be added in short presentation but why you are bothering about it we can help you out to create such presentation. We at Canny Turtle develops Human Resource software’s which includes such presentation needed for HR to show. What you need to do is you can purchase our HR Software or if you do not want to do that just go to our website and download our presentation you can change the text and create your own presentation.

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Summarizing, induction process is a vital process which is needed for settling down any new employee, as it gives the new bee to understand the company and what all process are followed by them. Hence, the human resource department should prepare such presentation if they cannot then the service should be outsourced to other.

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