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Induction program writing

Are you fed up of giving the induction program each and every time for new employees, why not create such program and keep it in form of video or presentation which you can share among them, helping you out to feel relief? If you are looking for such induction program, connect with us we will provide the one. Induction program is a vital process where the Human resource department of any organization will provide necessary information to the new employees, such information will include of rules and regulation, administration, time and attendance information, internet usage information, company resources usage regulation etc.

This kind of program are scheduled for the first day when all the new employee join the company, on this day induction presentation, meeting with seniors and documentation formalities are been completed. On very first day, the new employee are been greeted by existing employee and usually on this day they are made familiar with company.

What is induction program ?

An induction program is a program which is used by many organizations to welcome their new employee to the company and make them settled down with their new role. Induction program should include answers to each and every question that arises in the mind of new employees when they join the company. Imagine you are a new employee and are going to a company for first time but you are not aware whom to meet, what safety hazards, finance regulation etc. So in such cases induction program will help new employees settled down on very first day and get accustomed to their new companies.

How to create an effective Induction Program:

Induction Program includes of all those information which a new employee is looking for while they are at your organization. The effective induction program could be as follow:

  1. It should be divided into different parts
  2. Part 1 should be welcoming to organization (history of company / about company /roaming around different departments of company / meeting heads of different department and employees)
  3. Part 2 should be depicting information about working policies at company (Performance / bonus related information)
  4. Part 3 could be finance and account regulations (Tax payment)
  5. Part 4 safety & occupational health information
  6. Part 5 could be information security and usage of internet policies (Usage of internet and other components of computers)
  7. Part 6 how to keep up with your colleagues (team goals and working with teams)
  8. Part 7 could be who is who and to whom you should approach in any problem
  9. Then you should include about extra curriculum activities and our mission and vision ahead
  10. Give information about rules and regulation as well as policies with which they should adhere of.
  11. Human resource or administrative details (Casual leaves or any other leaves details)
  12. Keep it simple, easy to understand and grasp for new employee

Treat  Induction program not as to create quality, but treat it as an open book containing all information for new employee and plan it in a way that it make them settle down in new company.

Nowadays Induction Programs has been very important but creating the same could be a bit hassle some as it requires ease of language, plan accordingly, create handouts, presentation for the same but why you are bothering about it we can help you out to create such presentations, handouts for you. We at Canny Turtle develops Human Resource software’s which includes presentations or handouts needed for HR. What you need to do is you can purchase our HR Software or if you do not want to do that just go to our website and download our presentation you can change the text and create your own presentation.

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Induction program is very important process, as new employees or staffs are always coming with bunch of questions in their mind while they come for the first time at the company. So it is important to settled them down properly and make them feel relief which can achieve through such induction programs.