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Are you also suffering from the pain of having much more data, but do not have an effective process, in which you can present those data in proper way. Don’t worry we can help you out to create such data which can be kept in form of graphics. There are bunch of data with us, but there is no concise way to put those data in a form which is easy to understand and read.

If we show the data in same form then it may not be easy for other’s to understand so in this case we can keep those data in form of graphics. This technique is called infographic, where data are represented in form of graphics making the readers to easily understand and grasp the information which is presented to them. The best example of these; is traffic hoarding, giving information about wear seat belt or not use mobile phones.

What is Infographic?

Big data is one of major concern for today and the biggest question around it is how to interpret the same. The answer for this question is Infographic, which means information graphic, where the information are represented inform of graphic format. Reason behind designing the same like this is to make the data to be easily understandable. In Today’s world there is widespread usage of infographic because it is very hard to make a person understand through theoretical aspects which we write but it will be more easy when you have keep those information in form of picture or graphics and showing the them as such mode of providing information leads to faster communication of message, making presentation to easily understand etc.

Nowadays, infographic are available almost in any environments like traffic sings, subway maps, tag clouds, weather charts etc. which are just a few example of infographic but there could be many more where infographics are used.

It is also known for good management tools as high level or low level managers all are using infographic in their presentation where they includes of different graphs to show their data comparison and other aspects.

Areas where Infographic are used:
  1. While creating your Curriculum Vitae (or Resume): It has been seen that infographic has been use in many Resumes to interpret the data in form of the graphics making it interactive and increasing the change to get recruit faster.
  2. Survey data or sales data or any other data presentation: Infographic is best technique to show your shattered data in a good format
  3. Research work: Research work presentation or thesis are much complex to understand so nowadays the researcher are also providing infographic data to understand there concepts properly
  4. Explaining how something work or how to use guide: Explaining through text based cannot be useful to understand but when you using it in form of infographic it will make more concise way to understand the same
  5. Comparisons i.e. sale data, revenue data etc.: Comparing data in text format will not be much useful but what if we convert the same in some visual interpretation by using the  infographic then it will give more weightage of what we are comparing and what could be possible outcomes for the same
Creating effective infographic:

In order to create an effective infographic, one will need lot many good graphs, images but that will not easy to find from search tools. What if you get a tool where you can select the graphs or images and then you can enter your data which will convert automatically for you to  infographic format? Yes it is possible by using our latest tool called infotool which can be used in three simple steps:

  1. Register yourself on our company website
  2. Login to our company website and then select the graphs and design you want
  3. Enter your data in the box provided and click Convert this will give you infographic view of your data

Isn’t it easy then what you are waiting for connect with us immediately


It is not important to show presentation just for showing to your audience, but your audience should understand and get knowledge from that, which should be your primary goal. Hence, in order to create an effective presentation for such audience, convert your data into graphic with infographic.

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