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Installation guide writing

Being a product based company, if you do not have comprehensive and easy to use installation guide, then we are sorry to say but you will be surrounded by many problems or queries from your customers or client. Want to create a best installation guide? With which you can minimize the support load for installation queries of your product? Then we can help you out.

For every organization who deals in product, it is important that they have the installation guide for their product, as every time person who purchases that product may not able to assemble the product provided or install it in case it is software product. Hence, it is important that you provide installation guide, containing step wise information about how to assemble a product or install any software, what all are pre-requisite before installing the product. Installation guide is the easiest way to help your customers or clients who are using your product first time to install it without hassle free problems.

What is Installation Guide?

Installation Guide  is a document which contains step wise information about how to install any software or hardware or any electronic product. It is an easier way to understand how to install any particular product without needing any technician to do the stuff by paying extra money to them. Mostly they written by the Technical Writers in the big organization but in some companies it is also written by the Product or Project Manager or Technical Person too. Installation Guides  includes of Steps but in order to make it more interactive we at ABC Company could help you out for inserting a good images of your software or product making it more interactive and easy to use guide. Installation Guides are usually incorporated with CDs which you sent for installing or as a hard copy and nowadays they are also using electronic Installation Guides kept online.

Consider below points before writing your Installation Guide

  1. Cover Page: It should include the logo of company, revision number of the guide, date, Company and product information, in case it is copyright then include that copyright part also.
  2. Document History: This section should include the revision of the documents and approver of all those revision for that documents
  3. Index Page: Create a table and insert information in the table through series of numbers or bullet points for each and every Heading Section or Sub Sections for the same
  4. Body Part – Divided into three main parts as below:
    1. Introduction containing Objective, purpose, Scope, General Principles to follow and Quality Control
    2. Installation Manual: Should Include of Pre-requisites, Pre-Installation Task, Installation Procedure, Post-Installation, Uninstall or Rollback, Re-Installation
    3. Additional Information: Acronyms, Abbreviations, Reference Documents and Contact Information
  5. Glossary
  6. Back page

Procedure to write Installation Guide

  1. Divide the Installation Guide into three parts: Introduction, Installation Manual and Additional Information
  2. Keep the Installation Guide informative not technical.
  3. Include Main Section and Sub Sections at various places as needed
  4. Divide long sections into shorter one by dividing those into sub sections
  5. Include Images and screenshots at various place which will make it more easy to read and understand
  6. Provide reference documents at the end
  7. Do not forget to provide your contact information for any further queries
  8. Try to use more number bullet points in each section i.e. try to write step wise
  9. Avoid harsh words or technical words, try to use easy to understand words

Hire Professionals to create such installation Guide:

Imagine when you sale your product at that time you only give them an Installation Guide which contains all the instruction for installing that specific product. Up until now the customer is not aware of your product as well as of your company too if your Installation Guide fails to make them understand simple terms or steps to install then what will happen?

So why not to hire professionals to create such installation Guides. We at ABC Companies are pioneer in creating such technical documents with our 15 and more years of experience we can help you out in creating such documents there are few easy steps need to perform and you are done:

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