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Are you also suffering from the same pain, which is experienced by many out there, pain of having many data with you, but does not know how to present that? Don’t worry we will help in the same. Many times it happen that you have ample amount of data with you, which you need to represent in a good way, such that everyone can understand and grasp information from the same.

The best way to keep those data in pictorial or graphical view is with the help of presentation. Usually for presenting any data, there is one software called Power point, which can be useful in case you want to convert your data into pictorial way i.e. images, graphics, animations, text in different format, which is when presented, it gives a concise way to understand the information which is hard to understand when presented in form of data only.

What is presentation?

Presentation is presenting your information in a graphical view which makes it good way of understanding your intention. It is proper way of adding your data in a way that it get presented in proper way. Presentation usually includes of rich text, images, interactive graphics etc. Imagine you want to present your sales or revenue data of your company do you think that if you present your data simply then will your audience understand as to what you are going to present. So why not to keep those data in form of pictorial view or graphical view and make it rich content which makes your audience easily understand what you want to show them. Presentation is also seen as easiest way of communication that can be used depending on the audience who are attending.

Effective way of creating your presentation:
  1. Understand the context by asking yourself like where you are going to do presentation ? Who all your audiences are? Are you imparting presentation to larger or smaller group? What all equipments are to be used?
  2. Presenter should be smart enough for controlling their presentation . Should include some fun elements or make the presentation interesting with the help of which they can engage there audience.
  3. Audience are usually those who are attending our presentation. Out of them some are eager to see the presentation and some have came only for fun or to find the loop holes so get ready for different types of audiences.
  4. Communicating effective message: The presentation is built for various purposes but all presentation has one goal for conveying the message underneath effectively to their audiences.
  5. Evaluation Criteria’s after presentation: We impart a presentation but we are not sure of what will be the response of our audience so it is good to do evaluation of presentation which could be done through:
    1. Revising your presentation and asking simple questions (this will help you out to find the attentive audience)
    2. Keep question and answer session too in last 5 to 10 minutes
    3. Check the reaction of your audience after the presentation
    4. Keep a feedback form or survey which is to be filled by your audience to know about your presentation
Different types of presentations:
  1. Informative: Such presentations are to be done while you present for any research or project you have undertaken.
  2. Instructional: Such presentations are used to give specific directions or orders.
  3. Arousing: It is use to make people think about certain problems or situations
  4. Persuasive: This kind of presentation is use to convince our listener for our proposal
  5. Decision Making Presentation: usually these kinds of presentation are use in career counselling and other career oriented program where the student needs to take decision of making their career.

Skills needed for presentation:

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