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Press Release Writing

Looking for cost effective way to announce any important information? Not getting any clues? Want to publish information which could reach large audience? Don’t worry we can help you out to publish such announcement.

Press release are announcement which is done by any individual or companies, where a piece of information either recorded or send in form of any paper to the news editor, who will review the same, and will publish in the newspaper, if those information provided are true. While publishing any news, news editor or people of those news channels need to be much cautious, as they have to find the truth behind the news which they are publishing then only they can publish the same otherwise it will affect both. Press release, is the fastest and reliable way to communicate any information.

What is press release?

It is a written or recorded communication which is deliberately directed for the members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something which reach to all who read such news. Usually the press release are provided in form of going in person to such newspaper offices or sending details through the email or post or fax to the concern person and they will create press release in precise format.

In technical terms press release is anything which is sent to the reporter or any media source to publish in the newspaper. However, it is not like all the reporter or journalist will go ahead publish those press release provided from any individual or company as a whole as there are certain laws and format to be taken care then only then can publish the news as press release. Press release include below mentioned common structure:

  1. Attention catching headlines
  2. Dateline contains the release date
  3. Introduction part contains the paragraph which gives information about who, what, when, where why this press release is been published.
  4. Body contains further explanation of the introduction part which includes of rich text, easy to understand English, bullet points
  5. About us section and closing section contains information about the initiator of this press release and in media contact information it includes the information about the media who publish such press release
Different way to distribute press releases:
  1. Traditional way of publishing the press releases in paper based news paper
  2. Over the radio stations, TV etc.
  3. Online news paper or electronic news paper containing such press release
  4. Send to local bloggers or writers
Types of Press Releases:

Usually the press releases are to be done when

  1. New Product Launched: Informing public about new product launch by companies the real time example could be product advertisement in newspapers or on television media
  2. Company reports: Releasing of company reports like annual reports for the stake holders or share holder of the company
  3. Announcements: In order for a big or small organization to grow they must be a constant part of media each and every accomplishment they did or any future aspects or their growing plans are released in media to make their customer know about them
  4. Event details: Which usually includes information about upcoming event

Before submitting any Press Releases it is important to take below point in account:

  1. Content added in press release should be true and not steal from any other sources.
  2. Do proof read before sending for publication
  3. It should be adhere of all laws and regulation as well as the standard format
  4. Select the type of media on which you want to publish your press release and create your content as per that
  5. Follow required guideline, rules and regulation for creating such press release
  6. Try to add images, interactive graphics and rich font and colour of text we are there to help you to create web based press release which is widely used this time.

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