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Process Documentation Writing

Do you like reading as it go about? Or are you reader which gives a logical sequence of steps which needs to complete any process. If you reader which go about as the reading take you then there will not be any enjoyment in reading but you like to go through a logical sequence of steps then you are a true process document lover.

How to create an effective process document:

  1. Starting writing the process document
    • Identify the process which you want to write
    • What all needed to complete your processes
    • Verify and consider your audience
    • Title should be clear and understandable, reader should easily come to know what you want to show through that process
    • Create introduction such that it attract your reader to read the process even though it seems to be complicated or simple to understand
  2. Describing your process
    • Before writing any process, gather all information and write in a piece of paper
    • Break down each and every process
    • After breaking down try to keep all your steps in logical way
    • Verify and see if there is any additional information needed
    • Try to use same text font, paragraphs, spaces and high quality images
    • Try to expand your process steps, once the process has been defined and identify, as well as you identify the logical steps, try to expand your process steps and make it as detailed process steps.
    • Always keep a habit of adding examples, as reader loves to see the examples which help in creating a clear idea for the process which you defined
    • Offer some troubleshooting advice: Try to include some troubleshooting advice which other process document creator may not include the same thinking there no need of such advice
  3. Finishing the document
    • Include proper transition wherever it is needed: It means that there should be proper flow of writing or the process.
    • Language should be easy to understand and simple, it should not be hard because process document reader could be good with English or could not be but they need a precise and easy way to understand the process
    • Test the process: Before going for final process documentation , you should opt for testing your process. Try completing all steps mentioned in the process
    • Structuring and formatting of your process: Once you are done with testing important part is to format your process i.e. navigation should be proper, proper font should be used throughout the process, paragraphs, text etc.
  4. Proof read and revise the process document whenever needed
    • Before publishing your process, proof read it each and every steps
    • Be 100% sure that all logical sequence of steps mentioned in the process are proper
    • Never scared of revising your proof read document whenever it is needed, in case any new information or process steps needs to be included
Need Professional Advice:

Isn’t it many more effective steps mentioned above to write an effective  process document but we have a concrete solution for the same, with our advance process documentor product we can help you out in creating such process documents.

We at Canny Turtle are pioneer in creating such documents by easy steps mentioned below:

  • Capturing the process need to be written
  • Organising of information
  • Analysing of information
  • Selecting proper channel of publishing your process
  • Proof read and publish
  • Easy way of revising your process whenever required

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