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Proposal Writing

You will always come across the time when you will need to write a good proposal i.e. either to sponsor any research, instructions, extension of project etc. While I create any project there was always time that I need a extend the project time for completion of the same where I always get red eye from my boss or manager but there are no ways so I need to write an effective proposal which justify the extension reason in a precise manner making them also understand the reason behind the same.

The proposal you write must answer following questions then only you can think that your proposal could be accepted:

  • What needs to be done and what all cost are involve for the same
  • How does the proposed project is related to sponsor’s interest
  • What all difference will project brings to you
  • Any other research or project which is already done in same area
  • Planning, identifying possible positive and negative impacts
  • How results will be evaluated
  • Why you are the best candidate to work on this project
Different Types of Proposals:
  1. Solicited Proposals: Solicited proposals are submitted in response to specific solicitations which are needed or raise by the sponsor for instance Request of Proposals (RFP), Request for Quotations etc.
  2. Unsolicited Proposals: Submitted by a sponsor who has not issued a specific solicitation but is believed to be an investigator
  3. Preproposals: Requested when a sponsor wishes to minimize an applicant’s effort of creating full proposal
  4. Continuation or non competing proposals: Which confirms the original proposal and funding requirements and availability for such support and fund and what all funds has been already provided by the sponsors.

An effective proposal includes of following:

  1. Title page: Title page should be well formatted and structured which gives all information about the project or proposal objective or why we are writing these proposals.
  2. Abstract: This is very important part of the proposal where the funder will make the preliminary decisions about the proposal it includes of problem addressed, solution identify, objectives and methods to achieve such solution, cost behind that etc.
  3. Table of contents: Those proposal which are short and few sections does not need to include the table of contents but those which are lengthy and complicated in that you need to insert the table of content which makes the sponsor to understand it properly.
  4. Attractive introduction: Introduction should be clear and easy to understand, it should be closely associated with the proposal which you are writing on.
  5. Inserting proper background information: Be sure that you have all information about the project you are going to accomplished like clear vision about research work and problem you are addressing, what all things needed to accomplish the project, what is project outline, what is project benefits, advantages and disadvantages of the projects
  6. References and glossary: At the end of page you should include the references and glossary page
  7. Budget estimation and any other factor needed: Note down all the resources needed and the budget estimation i.e. approximate estimation of the project and how much could be the return of investment which you can get back from that project

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