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Reference card writing

It is easy to understand if we have a single or multiple page of guide where it gives all important information about any product or any scientific formula or any other information.

Reference card are such document that includes notes about the specific topic. Imagine that you are writing a software manual and you come up with 100 pages of such manual, this will make hard for any technical or non – technical person to understand and now think that you have two page of reference card giving key information about that software will this make sense? Of course this will make sense. In today’s world no human has free time to go through your manual most of time such manuals are keep un read and no one go through the same but a short and sweet documents are read by everyone.

Mostly reference cards are create of few pages in length and all pages are divided into different sections and all information are included in form of bullet points and heading are also give in a way that it is easy to understand. But how you can convert your 100 pages of software into few pages of reference card

That is biggest challenge?

Effective way of creating reference card:

  • Select your audience for whom you are creating your reference card
  • Create draft version of reference card
  • Select the sections, headings, title needed to be add in reference card
  • Look for important points which can be added in the reference card
  • Search of highly interactive headings or introduction
  • Try to use easy to understand language and easy way to download or get such reference card
  • Add bullet points, images, same font, attractive colours etc.

But do not bother, at abc company we have developed such software which remove or eliminate unwanted steps as well as take into account only those steps which are needed and which make understanding properly and convert your 100 pages document in the few pages.

Till today we have helped many manual writers to compact there software or other manuals and create reference cards out of the same.

We believe in quality and not quantity and quality could be achieved by proper analysis of the document our software works on different algorithm to verify what all steps will be useful steps or what all are unwanted and eliminate once it analyze such part then it will start keeping all wanted steps in precise manner which includes of proper structure and format as well as colour combinations and other elements are also take into account. Once it will keep all steps then it will allow you to preview your reference cards. Once preview you can proof read each and every step and once confirmed you can create your own reference card which can be saved in form of PDF file which is the highly used format these days.

So what you are waiting for? Just register with us and start using our software which is available for free for 30 days.

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