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Reference documentation writing

Imagine that you are installing any hardware and could not find a specific step out of 100 pages of manually. How you will feel at that time? You will get frustrated as you are not able to find a simple step but it is not your fault. It is the problem with the guide which is provided to you. What if there could be a reference guide who contains all steps needed for installing that hardware in bullets point and with images in front of you, with such approach it will make easier for you to install the product without any problem and also saves time for you. Reference guides are a tool for the person who needs to know just enough set of steps required to get a job done without going through or reading all the instruction provided in the entire manual.

Forms of Reference guide: They can be made of professionally hand written from business card size or laminated card or size of index card or punch list or it also available in form of booklets as required

But today with advance in technology person do not need hand written reference guide they need guides which are available for download from internet at any time because hand written reference guide are usually paper base which may be tear off at any time but downloadable reference guide are easy to find and easily available at any time

Tips to create a good reference guide:
  • Make your content up to one or two page not more than that
  • Include each and every steps in bullet point, with section and try to add attractive images which is associated with that step
  • You should not go out of scope or flow while writing steps, all steps should be logically kept one after the other as per the manual suggest.
  • Try to maintain quality of the  reference document and not the quantity of the same
  • Content should be well proof read and it should be associated with the manual itself
  • Sit down and go through same steps for installing any product and see if you are missing anything or not
  • Try to make reference guide in form of flow chart were images are kept at all the steps mentioned and only easy to understand steps are written
  • Maintain same font, colours and text in whole document
  • Try to provide reference document in different languages, format as needed or as per the requirement
  • Provide small introduction and how to use this guide. All the important points like installation, reinstallation or pre-requisite should be in form of sections, sub sections and headings
Hire a professional to create your reference guide:

If reference guide is not well formatted then user will not use the same and will have difficulties in installing your product which leads to avoiding purchasing such product. So there must be a professional touch up needed for creating such reference guide use our professional who work as per below process:

  • Firstly you need to register with us on our website Canny Turtle
  • Once you register and verify your email id you will get your login id and password
  • Login to our website and search for creating reference document
  • You will available with ample amount of different designs and styles of  reference documents with different size or format.
  • Select the one and then start writing your reference document
  • If you do not want to write by your own there is button saying ask for professional approach
  • Go for it and select the service

Our professional will help you out in creating such compact and pocket guide. Isn’t it easy and adhere to technology.

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