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Sales Guide Writing

Are you bothered about your sales targets and not reaching the same every month, quarter and yearly basis and you want to increase your sales of your product then you will need educate your sales force with the guide containing information about key features of the product you are selling, why it is unique, how to sale that product and who are your competitor and how to compete them. The guide will contain all this information relevant for the targeting sales of any product and achieving that is called Sales Guide

How to create an effective Sales Guide:

Sales department is always been very busy as they are in run for closing the deals which can earn money for the company and you will find them every time on call and they hardly have time to read a detailed sales manual. Hence, it is critical that sales guide should be concise and easy to understand and well structured. Below are some points which you need to take care while creating such Sales Guide:

  • It should be attractive and well formatted: You should thrive to insert important information only which can be easy to find. Try to insert the table of contents, clear headings for each section and all important points should be divided into sections and sub sections and try to add some bullets points in the same.
  • Length of the document should be dependent on the target audience, but try to keep it simple and for only one to two pages only.
  • Grammatically correct: Try to use proper pronunciation, grammar, etc. Which makes it easy to understand for any type of audiences
  • Try writing customer oriented sections: Most probably when you create a sales guide, sales people will copy sections from there and send it across to their relevant customers or clients. So try to keep the customer oriented sections which is easy to understand not only for sales people but also customers too.
  • Updating the sales guide on regular basis: Sales guide going out of date is worthless and of no use. Hence, you need to check for any new features or any new requirements added to product or any new strategies which we are using to approach our sale target and that should be added in your sales guide and update it at every point and update the sale guide.
Process involved in creating Sales Guide:

We at Canny Turtle are pioneer in creating such sales related documents which involves various steps in creating the same and we have identified that the below process can help you out in creating best sales guide and to achieve your target on time:

  • Firstly gather all information like product, any sample files or examples, datasheets, presentations, any market requirement documents, sales related information
  • Find out which marketing information or sales strategy required to be created from scratch
  • Spending some time with your product manager who is associated with this product to get all key features information from him or her
  • Spend some time with your sales person also to know how they have achieved sales target using what strategies
  • With your new sales person also to know what they feel could be an effective sales guide
  • Draft a sales guide and review it with all those who you approached before creating the same
  • Do any changes provided and then again draft and send for review and once confirmed finalized the same.

If you do not want to go through different processes then connect with us our professional will help in creating best  sales guide