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Training Manuals Writing

Training is very essential part for the overall growth of an employees working in an organization. Regular trainings are vital part of enhancing our own knowledge to cope of with changes which are occurring in any organization. Before any training is to be commenced, it is good to plan the training, prepare different documentation essential for the same. One of the documentation which is useful to get outline, agenda, overview and what all topics are to be included in training is training manuals. It usually contains introduction to subject, outline to be followed in training, agenda of training, any reference documents need to follow etc.

How to design an effective training manual?

In order to make trainees to concentrate on the training and not noting down all the things which we taught in training as well as to serve them with some reference document which can help them out to understand the topic after the training is been completed it is important to have such training manuals.To have such training manual it is good to undertake some of the important points like:

  1. Design of training manual which should be formal and easy to understand
  2. It should include all information like objectives, agenda, important notes, etc.
  3. It should be easy to read and easy to follow
  4. Which has attractive design
  5. All information includes in concise way with sections, bullet points
  6. Such manuals are generally developed based on commonly used instructional design models called ADDIE model:
    1. A stands for analyzing your target audience and finding out the training needs.
    2. D stands for designing the training manuals which includes comprehensive information about its objectives, sequence of task etc.
  7. D stands for developing the training and instructional materials which remain consistent in whole document and containing concise information
  8. I means to implement the training and
  9. E is to evaluate the training using different modules after that
Different forms of training manuals are as follow:
  1. Workbooks: which is often used in training sessions and provides basic information, examples and exercises
  2. Self Paced Guides: which is created for the trainees to work through on their own
  3. Reference Manuals: it usually contains detailed information on processes and procedure
  4. Handouts: contain general information to support training done during the session
Key elements of Training Manual:
  1. Cover page with some attractive graphics which represent the topic on which training is to be done
  2. Blank page after cover page
  3. Include table of contents which contain all information about the topics covered in the <strong>training manuals
  4. Introduction giving information about how to use the manual and for whom the manual belongs to
  5. All topics should be divided in to section and sub sections
  6. Include bullet points, insert important notes
  7. It should contain page for conclusion, further reading, references, closing cover page
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