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SEO and internet marketing training

Offering the best online branding and marketing solutions, Canny Turtle brings SEO and internet marketing training thatís exclusive for small businesses and firms. We have been catering a large list of clients, and with our SEO and internet marketing training services, you can yourself escalate the rankings and positioning of your business confidently. Based in Bangalore, we are determined to change the options for small business, and with our well built and highly customizable services, getting business with a small investment is never a problem.

Before going into the details of the training process, it is important for you to understand that why small businesses need training on search engine optimization and internet marketing. At the first place, small businesses have limited funds, which sabotage their goals to an extent, and not to forget, many firms donít even have the money to hire a full time SEO firm. With our SEO and internet-marketing services, you can start promoting and branding your business till the time you have funds to make a team of your own or hire SEO professionals.

We offer you complete training on search engine optimization and online marketing along with inputs for social media optimization, Google Adword , Google Adsense and other fields like affiliate marketing. If you are wondering why should select us over others, hereís a quick take on the varied features of our training process.

  • Being a SEO firm in itself, we have the best experts to train you on search engine optimization. With a SEO team that has been trained under the wing of Canny Turtle, we ensure that you get the best and real facts in the training process. Our SEO experts have worked with multiple firms and have catered a plethora of clients.
  • As mentioned earlier, we have catered variety of clients, with a special aim of empowering small businesses online that often struggle to find a ground. Our complete SEO and internet marketing training package is designed to help to small businesses that frequently have worries about making the right start.
  • Our SEO training is done on a complete real project. Again, we take into consideration the kind of business our clients have and offer them insight on their industry niche and other relevant facts that can help them in knowing the right SEO techniques for quick branding and positioning.
  • Innovation and creativity has always been our forte, and thatís one of the prime reasons we have make the process of internet marketing training quite flexible. You can be assured of help from our SEO experts whenever required during the process. We donít believe in theory, but we will offer you SEO training that will be completely result oriented and will be ready to be put to use. You can get real time help on projects whenever needed.

Kinds Of Courses Offered

There are thousands of enthusiasts who are often willing to know about SEO but are confused about the kind of training course they should choose. We are offering you a complete range of courses that are simplified, and you have the liberty to choose the kind of training you want to go through. Small business entrepreneurs, content writers, freelancers, SEO experts and varied web professionals can benefit from these courses that are suited for basic and advanced learning of SEO and SEM.

Basic SEO: Search Engine Optimization: This is Canny Turtleís basic course that offers the basics of search engine optimization. We teach you how to reach the top of search engines using free and paid SEO tools. This is the basic foundation of internet marketing and ensures all the initial training is right provided with ample practical training. This course is ideal for those who are looking for essential grounding of SEO including starters, content writers and copywriters.

SEO for AdWords: This is our advanced course on search engine optimsation that deals with both intermediate and basic learning of SEO. Here, we offer you all the essential SEO training along with tips and advices on using common features like Adwords, Cost per click, and other relevant tools. Those who are already acquainted with SEO can choose the module as per requirement. We are ready to offer help in customized training packages as well.

Social media training: This course from Canny Turtle focuses on teaching the basics of social media. We help you learn basics of social media marketing with length training on using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Youtube, LinkedIn and many others. We offer you webinars and live training for ensuring you know the right ways to exploit and use the social media as per your requirements.

With our expertise and experience, taking the route of success for your business is never a worry. Canny Turtle has always been a reformer and pioneer for small business, and we continue to strive for the same. We would like to hear from our clients, and if you are in need for more details, you can get in touch with us. We would request you to talk to our representatives through this website or our helpline numbers.