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Are you surrounded by many more documents of your saving? Need one document giving information about all your investment? We can help you to get the same? Which contain comprehensive and precise information about your investment along with what is the growth of the same; Savings is an essential way with the help of which you can save for tomorrow, so in case there are any problem by tomorrow, you will not be out of money and you may have money in hand which you can use it and complete your bad days without any problem.

But such savings could be done with wise investment, where many people are opting for investing in bank on different types of plans. However, while investing you come across many more documentation which is hard to store at any place so a simple presentation called pitch book could be an effective way to understand your investment.

What is Pitch Book?

Pitch book is a presentation which is used by investment banks around the world in which all the investment related data, analysis etc. are kept in proper way for a potential and current client. The main purpose of pitch book is to secure a deal between the investment bank and their potential clients.

Different types of pitch books:

Main Pitch book which contains all main attributes of the firm like analysts, its prior IPO Success and number of the deals it complete per year on which sales team need to focus on when selling the benefits to the potential clients. The second type of pitch book contains details about a specific deals, like company’s IPO it mostly focuses mainly on the benefits issues, helping broker and investment bankers to demonstrate how the firm or organization can help in achieving specific needs of their potential clients.

Pitch book contains three main types of presentation which needs to be created:

  • Introducing Bank or Market overview which usually contains the introduction to bank
  • Deal Pitches: which contains information about the deals, IPO, debt issuances and other information related to deal
  • Management Presentations: which includes the strategies to pitch client to investors once we have won the client

There are also other types compare to one documented here but most probably the pitch book works on the three main types which are given above

How to create an effective pitch book?

We at Canny Turtle write such pitch book and below are some effective way you can create the one:

  • Slide 1: Give information about your wealth, your logo, date, bank details
  • Slide 2: Must have table of content where all the slide information or index are included
  • Slide 3: Give information about your firm or organization
  • Slide 4: Give information about your expert team
  • Slide 5: Give information about what process you have implemented in your company
  • Slide 6: Why you are different from other any pros or cons for firm
  • Slide 7 – 8: Give tips and tricks to select the best advisor or financial planners
  • Slide 9: Give details about your deals which are upcoming or those which are done
  • Slide 10: IPOs, other market related information to be included
  • Slide 11: Include your contact information and question answer or feedback session

Long list isn’t it but why to bother get in touch with us we will develop a best pitch book for you which is as per the laws and regulation and standard format.

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