Newsletter Writing Services

Whether it is your employee or your customer, you need to communicate regularly, because communication wins trust and trustworthiness. This is where newsletter comes to the picture. We offer audience-centric newsletter writing services that grab your audience’s attention.

Newsletter is an exceptional method to keep your existing customers updated with offers, deals, new arrival, trend, and product launching. Not just that you can also bring back your lost customers by sending them offerings.

Our newsletter writing services include lead nurturing, series mail to name a few.

How we work on your newsletter

Our newsletter writing services start with your goal. We try to understand your target audience goal and their persona. Based on your goal we create a process and follow it. It could be a video, infogarphics or even text, or all of these.

Since newsletter is for specific audience, we pay close attention for personalize content, approach, and tone.

Our task does not end here, we make sure newsletters are easy to read, and understand and actionable. People should read your newsletter and get back to your website, lending page or even for video. End of the day you should achieve your goal.

Types of newsletter writing services

Organizations leverage different types of digital marketing strategies like PPC, SEO, social media and all. But despite that newsletter plays a significant role, as it helps you staying touch with your customer. With advancement of technology, now your newsletter can go side by side with social media, and other online platform.

In order to offer you the best newsletter writing services, we have listed out newsletter category wise.

Newsletter writing services for employee

  • Webinar/seminar: Does attrition worry you. Now you can retain your employee with webinar. Send webinar newsletter to your employee
  • Company info: Send company info such as future plan, management update, and announcements.
  • Product info: Whenever you have a new product, communicate with your employee first. Let them learn and gain the product knowledge
  • Holiday: Send holiday message to your employee.
  • Successful story: Inspire your employee with successful story. Whenever someone shares a story, blast a newsletter.

Newsletter writing services for segments

  • Lost buyer: One time buyers or lost buyers often forget about your service or product. Send them offer and discount to bring them back. Make a list of one time buyer and offer them a specific product.
  • Frequent buyer: Would you like to know about your frequent buyers’ persona? What they like, what they expect. You can make a special package for them. Send them a persona survey and get all the details.
  • Location specific: You can send location specific newsletter to cater special product or service.

Newsletter benefits

Customer relationship is the key to success. To make the relationship everlasting, you need persistent communication, which is possible only through newsletter. Newsletter gives your organization a bunch of benefits. Here are they:

  • Educate your audience
  • Reach out to your target audience
  • Reinforce your relationship with audience
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Lead nurturing
  • Show your good work
  • List building
  • Stabilize your marketing effort
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