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Are you looking for content writing services in India then you have come to the right site. Canny Turtle is a Bangalore based content writing agency, which will help you reaching right audience with proper message, voice, tone, and vocabulary. We have been providing content writing services since 2012.

Content is the essence of digital marketing. It is one of the most in-demand marketing services. Whether you are a startup or an established company, utilizing quality content is the key to your online success. In today’s digital world, content writing goes way beyond just writing interesting content. To stand ahead of your competitors, your content needs to be interesting, captivating, and persuasive.

We, at Canny Turtle, are passionate about creating high quality, unique, and SEO optimized content for your business. Our professional team of writers produces customer-driven content that will keep driving traffic to your site regularly.

Our content not only helps in traffic, but also brings leads, ranking, and prospective customers.

We offer bespoke content writing services that just fulfill your requirements. Our seasoned team writes more 40 types of content, which the best part of our agency.

If you are really searching for content writing services, we are the best match for you. Let us work together to catapult your business.

Explore Our Content Writing Services

Customer-centric website content writing increases the SEO ranking and enhances the conversion. To make this possible, we write crisp and persuasive content while keeping SEO in mind.
Do you know blog writing increases the traffic by 300 percent? We make sure your blog is informative and engaging to draw visitors' attention. Our blog writing includes business, professional and personal.
Our article writing services boost the authority of your website and make your audience more informative. We provide engaging articles with a sheer learning curve that will establish your website profile.
70 percent of B2B marketers bank on press release as it creates a stronger relationship with online media. We write actionable press release that draws the audience's attention.
Get writing product descriptions that connect with buyer persona. We write succinct SEO product descriptions that rank in Google and drive traffic to your product page.
Product review
Get unbiased product review while keeping key selling points integral. We provide product review writing services that make positive impact on your buyer.
Worried about your e-book? We are here! From bibliography to table of content to headings, we manage all of the content for the book and help you with new leads for the same.
A landing page opens a channel for leads with gripping content. We provide winnable landing page content that helps you generating qualified leads. Also, expect a healthy time dwelling.
As brochure writing is compilation of salient features of an organization, we could create it in the most useful form. Our interesting content has the ability to generate potential leads.
Flyers with their large reach are amazing communication gap fillers between the customers and the sellers. To help them get back to you, we provide crisp flyer content.
Stuck in a case study? We can help. Let us do the digging and assembly of information and you will never have to deal with case studies again.
For fruitful client-Sales persons’ interactions, we give unique battle card pointers for boosting your sales records.
Cannot decide how to interact with the customers? A newsletter can be an awesome way to do so. We provide engaging newsletter content.
A professionally written profile can open up the path to a new job or higher education for professionals as well as students. We provide the best profile content.
Any project initiation requires a perfect proposal in order to move forward with the product. We provide content that helps you with the same.
A good training manual never hurts anybody and helps the trainees work with ease. We help you create the perfect training manual for the job.
Need to represent your company's business in the market? Annual reports are a great way to do so. We provide formal content for the annual reports you need.
Social Media
Social media activities increase brand awareness, engage your audience, loyalty and help in conversion. We offer crisp content with right voice and message.
Stuck in a case study? We can help. Let us do the digging and assembly of information and you will never have to deal with case studies again.
Often the best way to beat your competition is to draw a comparison between the two. We provide the necessary content for this marketing strategy as well.
A catchy banner could act like a magnet to grasp the attention of one and all. Our best designed banners could bring you the highest traffic for your products.
We convert your potential leads into customers. Our customer engagement articles make sure that you enjoy complete customers’ loyalty.
We are capable of making powerful customer presentations, giving exact ideas to the Company about the ways to proceed ahead to increase its sales.
An effective data sheet can work wonders for a product, boosting sales as well as attracting consumers for the same. We provide crisp content for the same.
Lost an old customer? We can help you regain them back. Direct mailers can help a lot for the same. Just give us details on your products and we will do the job.
As facts have the corroboration of proofs, those are instrumental in the successful promotion of business. We could provide you with the best factsheet data.
When you are not sure about the utility of your content and in search of a second opinion, our expert ghost writers could do an amazing job for you.
Confusing "how to guide" instructions can often lead to disasters for the customers as well as the company. We draft easy to follow How to Guide Writing and to prevent any tragedy.
Got new trainees? Need to show them the company's works? We help you design the ideal presentation for the newbie.
When you are fully busy in your work without time for the induction program to take place, we are there with the necessary help to make sure that you get maximum help from the program.
Interesting and to the point infographics can help any company boost their sales in a flash. We provide engaging content for the same.
A good installation guide can help the customers enormously in getting their devices set up. Get those guides done by us and you will never have to worry about it again.
We could provide the best legal content from our experts that could easily boost your company’s position without wrecking its future.
We have the knack to create the best marketing kit content to catch media’s attention quickly and bring your company to limelight, generating business leads.
A pitch book is tremendously helpful in securing deal with the potential client by the investment banks we could do that by providing you the perfect content.
An old yet effective method of communication, we provide the goofy side as well as formal content for your customer's postcards.
A catchy headline and an interesting picture are sure to catch eyeballs of the customers. We provide the best posters in the market for the same.
Short, crisp and engaging presentations are often unforgettable. We tend to do the same for you, designing content that stays unforgettable.
A documentation that is required almost everywhere so that everyone stays in the loop, we design content that focuses more on the ‘how’ than ‘what’ for you.
A product would not have the right dimensions without right documentation. We could design and provide the right documentation needed for the purpose.
To avoid any kind of confusions, a reference card is used as an appropriate summary of a manual complete with flowcharts. We design and create content for the same using the manuals that you provide us.
A reference to past procedures and activities provides employees with a concrete ground to avoid missing the steps in the process taking place. We provide content for reference documentation.
Guided selling often helps to boost company sales in an exponential manner. To help with the same, we create the ultimate sales guides to help your salesperson.
We could provide you the best “statement of purpose”, which is tremendously helpful in filing your application for education abroad.
Want to add customers' mail to your list? A squeeze page is all you need. We provide engaging content that solicits customers to provide emails.

Content Writing Services at Canny Turtle

Our content writing services are top-notch and you can get an excellent piece of work. We pay equal to time, quality, and budget too. Our expert and dedicated content writers strive hard to creating content that captivates the audience. As a leading content writing agency in  India, we design every content writing service with your business goals.

Furthermore, we go the extra mile to improve your online exposure and enhance your brand. Whatever may be your content requirement, we possess the experience and expertise to exceed your expectations. Being the most reputed content writer service provider, we offer a diverse range of content writing services.

content writing services
Industries We Serve

As a reputed name in the field of content writing services in India, Canny Turtle has a time-tested strategy for developing content for various industries and across different verticals. It takes more than just research to create exceptional content for different industries. Irrespective of the type of industry you belong to, we maintain different sets of modules based on which we create the content.

Our professional writers are subject-matter experts. Our team of writers has written different types of content within their specialized industry. We also hire SME content writers who boast diverse professional backgrounds to serve different industries. This specialty is what makes us one of the best content writing companies in India. We offer content writing services for the following industries.

Real Estate
Home care and repair

Don’t see your industry on the above list? Do not fret. We are adding new clients from different industries to our list. Through our website content writing services we can make you sound like your industry leader online.

Why you need customer-engaged content writing

Customer is the most significant asset of any business. Thus it becomes important for any business to keep its customers engaged to achieve growth. Customer engagement is a never-ending interaction between a business and its customers. It helps in building, nurturing, and managing the relationship with the customers. And content plays an important role in customer engagement.

Gone are the days when prospects make a call to get the required information. Tech-Savvy consumers now turn to your website or social media to learn about your products/services, to see reviews of your business or product, and to know your credibility and expertise. The more engaging content you provide consistently, the better your chance of attracting visitors and converting them into your customers.

Providing engaging content is necessary for a branding aspect. One of the best ways for your business to stand out and shine is through unique and engaging content.

With this in mind, we at Canny Turtle offer highly engaging content that delivers the following results for your business.

  • Increase in leads and conversions
  • Increasing the number of repeat visitors
  • Rank higher in search engine rankings for relevant keyword terms
  • Foster brand loyalty
  • Enhance your presence and visibility on the web
  • Increased brand awareness
Content writing methods

As one of the leading content writing agencies, we understand that every business is unique and they have different content requirements. We know that content is the language that your business speaks to your customers. We also know that content plays a major role in the success of your business online.

While every client is different, we follow content writing best practices and have a tried-and-tested process for content writing. We have divided our content writing process into six steps so that we could deliver excellent content at speed and scale, on time, on budget, and exceed your expectations.

We do thorough research of your industry, online and offline, for the given topic. We do this to ensure that our content is unique and 100% plagiarism-free.
Before moving into actual content development, we draft a content writing plan that includes SEO optimization, headings, and key selling points for the audience.
Content creation
This is where actual content development begins. We write short, simple sentences that are easy to read and understand. We take special care to avoid grammatical errors.
Copy editing
We check the quality of the content and remove any irrelevant content. We ensure that the content is attractive, more engaging, and valuable to the readers.
In this step, our proofreaders check for spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation mistakes using the best content writing tools. We also format the content with perfect font size and structure.
We send the final content for approval. Once we get your approval, we deliver the content to you via email. We ensure that the content fits the page size properly and is easily readable.
Benefits of quality content

There are several cheap content writing services in India. But the quality is what makes all the difference. So, what is quality content? Quality content is the best piece of content available on a specific topic. It gives the topic a new tweak and provides intuition that only a thought-leader can provide. It is easy to read and is written with its audience in mind.

There are many benefits to investing in creating quality content. A few are as follows

  • Quality content engages the audience, which in turn brings more traffic, leads, and conversions.
  • It can help you get more social media shares and improve your brand
  • Quality content can help your website rank higher in search engines and drive more organic traffic.
  • Once your site ranks higher in search engines, it builds trust and credibility
    among the audience.

Thus, quality content is a priceless investment for your business.

quality content writing
why choose content writing services
Why choose us for your content writing service

At Canny Turtle, our passion for content writing lets us create content that can be easily found by the rest of the world. Our content writers strive hard to enhance the credibility of the business with the help of our content. Here are lots of great reasons why you should choose our content writing services for your business.

  1. Professional team of expert writers
  2. SEO optimized content
  3. Speedy delivery
  4. Quality analysis
  5. Revisions
  6. 100% unique and plagiarism free content
  7. Affordable price
  8. 100% ownership of the content
  9. Customized content writing package
  10. SPOC (Single Point of Contact)
Content Writing Tools We Use

So how do we produce content that checks all the boxes? We use some awesome content writing tools and resources that help us streamline and improve the content writing process. We rely on these tools to conduct proper research and analysis of the topic that we need to write and enhance our content writing services online with just one goal in mind; to augment your business.

Here are a few tools that we use for our content writing services:

  • Grammarly
  • Copyscape
  • Aherfs
  • Semrush
Content Writing Package

Canny Turtle offers the best content writing rates (price) in India and across the globe. We charge different prices for different content writing niches and content writing projects. For example, for website content writing service we charge based on the number of pages and for article writing, we charge based on per article or on a monthly basis. Get in touch with us now to know all of our content writing packages and learn how we can provide you bespoke content.

Check our content writing packages 

Our Clients

We don’t like bragging about how awesome our content writing services are. Instead, we let our results do the talking. Our clients are constantly excited about our quality content writing services as we get the result right every time. Find a few of our esteemed clients below

Content Writing Service Reviews

Excellent service at an affordable rate

We took a leap of faith working with Canny Turtle and are extremely pleased with their
service. They completed the task and delivered it on time. Excellent services at a
reasonable price.

Quick response

Canny Turtle provides great customer service who understands our needs instantly. If you
need incredible content with great quality and communication, we recommend Canny Turtle.

Professional service

We were struggling with our rankings and Canny Turtle gave us a perfect solution that
exceeded our expectations. They made subtle changes to our existing content that
improved our rankings.

Cost-effective solution

If you’re looking for a team whom you can trust, Canny Turtle is for you. They deliver quality
output at the most affordable price in the market.

Hire us for content writing services in India

We are the perfect one-stop content shop for all your business requirements. No matter where you’re located or what type of business you’re into, our content writing specialist can deliver content that attracts the right kind of attention. We offer a free content writing sample. Contact us now to know how we can elevate your business.