How to start a blog and make money – The master tricks of blogging

It's not surprising at all that you need to start a blog. Blogging remains a marketing technique that costs next to nothing to set up and individuals from different walks of life have made huge money by starting their own blogs on different niche topics.

So, I will tell you the tricks of starting your own blog and believe me, when I say this that you don’t need to be a technical expert to start blogging. It can be done conveniently and it’s much easier than you probably think!

It doesn’t matter on what topic you decide to write as it could range from a subject as simple as on how to tie your shoe laces to complex topics like blogs on technical details of the latest gadget or about a new scientific invention. The sky is the limit for choosing a relevant subject matter to start writing.

Lots of people all over the world are today into blogging regularly and the boom in the blogging industry in the past decade or so is a serious testament to it. You could start your won blog today, you don’t have to be an expert at that really, all you need to do is pick a topic, set up your personal blog and you are all set to go!

Why should you start blogging?

Well, for one reason I personally believe that if you love to write, express yourself, share your experiences, tell a story, share information or important knowledge on a specific topic then you should just go ahead and start blogging. I feel enriched, I get that special feeling in my stomach when I write and get to share with all the amazing people out there.

Apart from the passion for writing which must be there in you, you cannot possibly deny the money factor. Yes, you heard it right! You can really make money by blogging with flexibility of working from home. If you do it right then it might become a great source of income for you. Also you get recognition as a published author, the satisfaction of touching people’s lives, the bliss of making a difference for someone.

You would be surprised to know that many successful bloggers quit their day jobs to go into full-time blogging. Besides, being a steady means of making a real income source, this could be your ideal gateway to express your thoughts and ideas and escape the monotonous life that you lead.

Finding a niche

You need to pick an over-all specialty on which you can write and are never short on creative ideas. It is easier to pen down your thoughts if you are writing on a known topic or you have special interest on that subject matter. And of course if you have an interest in that niche then discovering new information won’t be difficult for you.

Finding a niche is the first step you must think about after deciding to start your blog. Because setting up a blog is easier today with ready-made platforms and convenient web hosting features. It’s picking up a niche that needs careful consideration on your part.

You would connect much better with your readers if both of you share a love for the subject matter on which you are writing. A decade ago blogging was rocket science to many and the information back them was very limited which is why bloggers struggled back then. The scenario thankfully has changed today. Just pick your niche in which you are good and then set up your blog.

Booking a domain

Many new bloggers have one thing in mind and it is that can they start a blog for free. Well, my answer to them is certainly yes. There are many platforms today that let you start a blog for free with just registering there and starting an account with them. This is just fine if you are doing this for a hobby. But if you are thinking of making real money then you need to start thinking about booking a domain and paying a marginal fees for starting your blog.

So, first things first, you must understand that all the platforms and hosts have some pros and cons. You need to leverage the benefits you are getting and opt for the best plan that suits your needs in the best way possible. You need to pick a choice that not only serves its purpose, but also doesn’t take a toll on your blog and make your SEO suffer.

Personally, I have been blogging for years and really feel that Bluehost stands out when it comes to providing domain names and web hosting features. Along with that, if I may mention Name Cheap as another reliable choice for booking your domain name for your blog. There are a hundreds of choices available today for booking a domain name with host of web features. Selecting a reliable provider is the best thing to ensure for your blog. Your domain name will be your identity online, so make sure you pick the most relevant domain name for you.

Finding a reliable hosting provider

After picking the right domain name for your blog, the next step is selecting the most reliable hosting provider. The functionality and the maintenance of your blog will depend on type of hosting provider you choose, so, choose wisely. Understand that the host will make sure that your blog is up and running 24x7 to your readers whenever they come online.

A wrong choice in choosing a hosting provider can create a lot of troubles for your blog, especially if you don’t have much technical expertise. This is one of the most integral parts of maintaining a successful blog and be available all the time, all year round to your readers. You don’t want your readers facing difficulties in finding you right!

In my opinion, again Bluehost emerges as a clear winner amidst the sea of hosting providers available today and guess what 99% of bloggers today recommend using Bluehost for their domain name and web hosting requirements. Apart from that Name Cheap again makes a great choice for web hosting as it provides a lot of features to conveniently maintain your blog.

Get a premium theme

Now, what you need to do is get a premium theme for your blog to make it more appealing to the eyes. Your blog’s front-end needs an appealing face and yes I’m talking about the design and layout. Your readers will find it great to see a blog that is eye-catching and has a great layout to navigate.

Now, you don’t want visitors to get turned away by the colors you choose or a poor layout right? Choose a theme that looks great to the eyes, has the best design layout to actually engage your readers’ attention. Personally I recommend Themeshop as well as Themelsle as the two best choices to get your theme for your blog design. An attractive blog is the first thing your reader encounter so, make it count!

No matter how great your blog writing is, no one will even think about reading it if it is not visually appealing. Don’t hesitate to invest on your design of the content. Hire the best if you require or if you can do it by yourself with a little research then it’s even better. You can also use relevant images to make the posts more attractive. The key here is engaging visuals that encourage the readers or followers to participate more in the blog by liking or sharing it over the web.

Installing Wordpress

There are many free blogging platforms with ready-made setting to start your blog. But hands down Wordpress is the best among all of them as it is widely used all over the world and a preferred choice amidst the modern bloggers looking for a convenient way to start a site.

The choice of platform for professional bloggers is WordPress. In spite of the fact that you need to purchase your own domain name and hosting, the WordPress blogging software is free and there are a lot of plans and features that you can use to accommodate your style and specialty.

When you choose Bluehost as your hosting provider, you register with them and get an account. When you set up an account with them by providing all the necessary information and following the instructions there, Wordpress is automatically installed and you have a full-fledged site up and running. Now you need to follow instructions, configure settings like the general settings including setting the title and change the tagline manage the dashboard. All that is left is to start blogging!

Google analytics and search console

Accurate data collection for your site will become the stone on which you will build your blog. Unite your data in one place, transform your raw data into metrics with engaging reports to let you focus on what really matters for your readers. With Google analytics tools and search console you realize your blogging goals, track the inaccuracies and inefficiencies in your blog set up a plan and correct them with better optimized solutions.

Want to know what is working in your blog niche? Want to know what your readers want? It has a way to provide the answers with fast and reliable Google surveys that provides a real insight in to your readers’ wants. You can run tests on your blogging site to constantly understand what works best for your site and how your visitors are going to be impressed leading to better conversion rates and bringing in more traffic.

Google analytics helps you understand your readers to deliver better experiences to them and exceed their expectations thereby building long lasting relationships with them. It also helps marketers and businesses gain latest market knowledge using platform integrations to boost viewership engagement on your blogging site.

Content writing

Create genuine and valuable content always. Giving something fresh and interesting to read to the viewers will ensure people come to your blog again and again. If the content is not stressed upon then why the people will come to your site when there are thousands other available? It’s an interesting question to think over perhaps.

You have your blog site all set up and configured all the setting. Now you need to come up with brilliant and unique content to entice your readers and keep them coming back to your blog for more. Your blog must be something that people would want to read and share. Make sure the content connects with your readers on an emotional level to drive the maximum point home.

Guest posting is also an important part of your content writing process. As you will need Increase your rankings, boost your blog site traffic, and build your reputation online through effective guest post writing. As a blogger you need to always create unique, worthy and informative content for guest posting as well as posting on your blog site.

The trick is in promoting your blog in the right way so that you stay popular and your statistics with Google is good.

How to drive traffic?

Bring the traffic towards your website the right way. To be in top ranks of the SERPs is great, but it is a little difficult to achieve. So, how to really attract the traffic? The best way is through broadcasting your content through social media sites and bookmarking sites, all over the web to make it accessible everywhere.

You also have to think about responding to trends quickly. It’s interesting to read something interesting on a latest topic that is doing rounds on the Internet. Write something on a latest topic from a different angle and just see how your viewership goes up.

Don’t forget the power of the social media! You must open your account with your real name on all major, popular networking sites because these sites help you to network in the best way. It is believed today that if you want to make anything famous instantly, just put it in the social media and Voila! It works.

You have created the perfect blog with the juiciest content, but how to get those readers or those followers. Connect with your readers on Facebook, tweet about your posts make sure you reach out to your followers and urge new ones to follow you on Twitter. You would be just surprised how all this works. With the help of the social media you can just turn the tide for your blog overnight!

Monetizing your blog

It is all good if you want to take up blogging as a hobby, but if you really want it to turn into an income then you need monetize your blog through various techniques available. So, to monetize your blog, there are certain methods that you can follow.

  • Running ads on your blog site - There are endless opportunities for you to run ads on your blog site. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, you can either choose ads that are relevant to the topic that you write about or you can also opt for ads that just serves the purpose of the advertisers on your blog. If you are looking for choices then I may recommend Google Adsense as the best choice for ads.
  • Enroll in affiliate programs – Through affiliate programs you can team up with retailers for promoting their products or the services they offer and benefit with a commission for carrying out their sales successfully. You must understand that the number of affiliate sales depends upon the number of visitors your blog has. Your blog needs to be credible for your site visitors to click on the links provided there. You have to put out in your Terms and Conditions page that you use affiliate links. I will recommend Amazon Associates as well as ShareASale for their affiliate programs.
  • Selling products and services through your blog - If you have an entrepreneurial side to you then you can put your blog to good use. You can use your blog as a place for promoting your own products and services that you offer. Use your blog’s popularity and readership to smartly advertise your own products, but don’t get aggressive and force down your products and services on your readers otherwise you may lose it.

There are different plug-ins that you can integrate with ease into your blog site and start promoting your products and services. One such plug-in that I would recommend is the WooCommerce plug-in which comes with power-packed features to help you out.

  • Sponsored posts - Advertisers in the market always look for wider exposure and will pay you willingly for posting a sponsored post on your blog site for them. These blog posts usually advertise their products and services. This is a great way of earning some extra income for your blog. Remember that if your blog becomes popular and you become a recognized name in your niche then the advertisers will definitely come to you to publish their posts on your blog.


Just putting some content up there to fill the place isn’t going to be enough for your blog. Make sure you make your posts more searchable on all the search result pages. For this the one thing you have to do is doing proper keyword research to make your posts keyword optimized and upfront searchable.

When you are an owner of a blog, its paramount to build relationship with people, only then you can expect to increase your followers or subscribers. You should know your target audience; share other’s content, build a loyal audience for keeping the foundation of a strong, successful blog. Make sure your content is according to the needs of your audience.

Create your own newsletter so that people can subscribe for your blog if they want to. This will also help you in interacting and networking with more people ultimately appealing to your main goal of generating leads. But, one thing to remember is that don’t be pushy about people subscribing to your blogs. This won’t make your readers happy rather you may lose the goodwill with them that you had created in the first place.