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Web Design Services

Welcome To The Web Designing Services Of Canny Turtle!

Canny Turtle brings you the most assorted range of web designing service packages that are exclusively designed for small businesses and startups. Before going into the details of what we offer, it is essential why you would need a website for your business at the first place.

Why Need An Online Wing For Your Business?

No matter how smart your ideas may be, you cannot deny the fact that having a website is always an added boost for your business. In a world, where every business is taking the online route to get close to the customers, you cannot get away from the internet.

Letís consider the position of your business without a website. Like any other small business, you might have set up an office and started offering products and services, but how much have you thought of marketing and promotion? Most small businesses have a little amount for marketing and promotion, which is one of the many reasons they donít get the right share in the market. When you have a website you get the option of internet marketing, which is way cheaper than that of your conventional forms of marketing. Hereís a quick take why you need a website for your small business enterprise.

  • Take the global route:
    We help you set a website that will take on the forefront and give you a global outlook. You will be visible to your customers, and letís not forget the fact that customers are extremely internet savvy and but almost every kind of product or service online.

  • Spend less on your business:
    While initially an online investment may seem to be an extra burden, you will soon find that you are spending less than what you might have budgeted. Getting your business online will reduce many of the administrative costs that you might not have imagined.

  • Get close to competitors:
    When you enter an industry or niche, you have a lot of competition to handle, and if you are thinking of monitoring the moves of your competitors and those in the lead, you can best do it online. After we have set up your website, we will help you with market research and ensure that the competition is analyzed in perfection.
What Canny Turtle Specializes At?

We are the perfect solution that a small business, looking for online establishment, will be expecting. We cater all kinds of clients, including those looking for designing of shopping carts. Take a look what we can design, market and brand for you.

Static websites:
Canny Turtle is a name that you can blindly rely on for static website designing. Our expert website designers and developers are profound in their field, and they know how to cater customers within a limited budget. A static website is great for those businesses that donít expect much change in their business plans in coming times. Apart from being extremely budget friendly, these websites are easy to create, navigate and change.

Dynamic websites:
As the name may suggest, dynamic websites are dynamic in nature and need to be updated regularly. We have been creating dynamic websites for all kinds of niches and industries, and we know what our clients expect from us. Dynamic websites created by us are constantly monitored, and we ensure that all the clientsí requirements are met in time.

Shopping carts:
The number of online shopping sites is increasing gigantically, and the list includes small businesses, as well. If you are low on your budget and want to set up your online selling business, we can help you in setting the right website. We work for all kinds of shopping cart designing online at affordable prices and are profound in maintenance of these sites.

Professional blog design:
Blogs can be of varied niches and styles, and no matter what kind of blog you prepare to design, we are ready to offer the designing services that are suited and customized as per your requirements. We can look in the niche of your blog and can find designing solutions that can enhance viewing and can hold customers for future reading. Apart from designing templates for your blog, we can help you in marketing the same without many hassles.

Facebook fan page design:
Facebook is much more than a social networking site from a business point of view. We can design your Facebook fan page and ensure that your customers get to interact with you. Facebook fan pages designed by us build online presence for businesses, ensuring they never lose out on competition by any means. We can also take the charge of maintaining your business page on Facebook for updates and feedback.

Why choose us?

  • A Complete Web Designing Firm
  • Get Static, Dynamic And Shopping Carts Designed
  • Exclusive Customized Packages For Small Business
  • Affordable Solutions For Small Businesses
  • Around The Clock Technical Support
  • Help With Online Branding
  • Internet Marketing And Email Marketing With SEO
  • Content For Web Pages
  • Regular Updating On Websites
  • Constant Customer Support And Feedback System