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Brand guidelines

Are you not aware of how to set the brand rules? And it is affecting your organization to set your brand, which will capture your customers? Don’t worry we are here to help you out with setting such brand guidelines. Brand Guidelines also commonly known as Brand Standards, style guide or brand books which is a set of rules that explain how your brand will work.

The brand guidelines contain information like font, color, logo positioning, brand history, vision, personality, key values, Brand message or mission statement.

Brand guidelines should be such that easy to recognize and easy to understand, consistent and spread across multiple media platforms. For any organization medium or large, when brand guidelines are set proper then your brand will also have rock start and it will stay forever but this can be achieved with proper branding.

What is brand guidelines? 
In order to understand brand guidelines, we will start with the brand – a brand is a public face for your business. Businesses which are product based or service based having a product to sale, that product or that brand will be the face of that company as the company itself is not visible in market but their product is visible in market among millions.

Hence, brand is giving your companies identity and also defines how your stakeholders like clients, customers and partners view your business. Now coming to brand guidelines so you have heard about big slogan every now then for instance “That the brand looks so Apple-is” or “Make it feel more like IKEA” why we have heard this do we think about that?

If we refresh our memory then we will come to know that Apple and IKEA or any other big organization brands are the strong examples of the brand management and brand management will be done with the help of certain guidelines which those companies define and followed making them the best brand among millions. That is called Brand Guidelines.

We at DBSnext level thrive on Brand guidelines to develop best website for you by following below mentioned rules or guidelines of our brand called website development

Website is the online identity if it is not developed properly then it will not provide you with what you are expecting to do so. Hence, we have some guidelines which we use to develop as follows:

  1. Logo Design: To standardize the logo on web we provide three different size of logo which suites any web page. Once the logo is finalized then we have verify its usage across the platforms.
  2. Clear colour selection is another guideline in branding. The colour should reflect your logo and the company
  3. Images provided will be converted into proper size and styles. So we have created predefined templates of image where we pick image from clients and then add into those frames and make them look clear crystal image
  4. Text to be used: Website need proper text like Arial or Verdana and it should be constant for whole website.
  5. Formats and layout in HTML – the Layout should be clear and crystal it should not faint while we use different screen resolution on our computer and get adjusted without any problem.
  6. Cross browsing capability
  7. Links and Buttons should be bigger one and visible and none of links should be broken link on the website. They should be interactive like when we took our mouse on that button it should change size or colours
  8. Navigation: We define a main and sub navigation in a way that user can easily navigate between pages
  9. Visual Hierarchy: In the website itself we show different headers, paragraphs, images, titles, other elements how they are interrelated.
  10. Graphics / Animations: Define a good area where when the animations are kept then how good it will be for user to catch attention

Need free consultation to build up your brand website using our guideline then get back to us?

Your brand is your asset and with the help of that only you will able to compete with your competitor, but for that also you will need proper branding which can be achieved with brand guidelines. If you follow the guidelines and stick to it then it will surely give you best brand forever.

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