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Customer Engagement

Unless and until you do not engage your customer, you will fall in big problem and you may lose your gems i.e. old customer because your work is not completed once you successfully implement anything or create customer. But most important thing is to engage them to get feedback.

If you are looking for how to engage them then get in touch with us, we will help you out. For any type of organization small, medium or big organization it is important that they engage their customer in various way like regular contact with their customer providing them information about their new features, new ventures, new product launch, new outlet launch, inauguration etc.

This will help the organization to grow faster because engaging with your customer is important way to connect with your existing clients or customer which whom you have done business, as some time you may also get leads from them, also long term engagement provide existing clients or customers to build a trust which can help organization to be a trustworthy company across the globe.

What is Customer Engagement?

In today’s highly dynamic and interactive business environment the role of Customer Engagement plays an important role for generating corporate performance, sales growth, superior competitive advantages and profitability of an organization. Moreover, it is well defined by Paul Greenberg as the ongoing interactions between a company and the customer, offered by the company, chosen by the customer.

Customer Engagement is very important aspects as when it comes for customer satisfaction you will not talk to your grandparents same way as you talk with your friend when you hang out. Will that make sense? But engaging customers in right way and at right time could give then better and best experience and will get engaged with your organization for many more years.

How to engage your customers?


  1. Use proactive communication to engage your customers: Keep your customers informed with any new releases of your product or any fix or any information which is useful for them this will reduce their effort, help you in avoiding your complaints too, improve their experience and will also prevent them from having chasing you for the information
    1. Canny Turtle has helped many companies with our proactive approach, below are some of the case studies:
      1. Case Study 1: DEF Company: It is a courier company and they have use our Proactive Approach and suggestions from our experienced professionals at our end and with the help of which they keep their customers informed about their parcel where it has reach and when it will reach at their place making customer informed about their parcel which they ordered.
      2. Case Study 2: DEF Hotel: They have use our proactive approach in implementing the booking at their hotels where they confirm the bookings, send various reminders to their customers, encourage them to use other facilities and ensure all safety aspects of customers by providing them with maps, direction or a car to receive them making them engaged with the hotel.
  2. Using various mode of communication (i.e. Multi-Channel Mode) to engage your customers: Today with the advance in technology, those days of meeting your customer personally or engaging them to attend your conference are old ways to engage your customer nowadays you can use sms or whatsapp to engage your customer provide different new features and facility information, also doing video conferencing and mass mailing helping you out to engage your customer at various way. At Canny Turtle we provide such packages of sms or email or video conferences which will help you out to increase your productivity and engage your customers too.
  3. Customer Feedback: It is very important and essential part of the customer engagement. On monthly or quarterly basis you can send your customer with Customer Feedback forms which includes of some questions and ratings to be provided or any remarks which they can provide. The customer feedback will says everything for your organization as where you are while engaging your customer if you are lacking how you can improve yourself too.
Why Customer Engagement is Important?

With Customer Engagement you will able to create a strong portfolio among your competitors which will help you out to stood up between them and to get new customers too.

So what you are waiting for? Canny Turtle will help you out with making you learn different strategies to engage your customer come connect with us for free day 1 tutorial or training on customer engagements.

Engaging your existing clients or customer provide you a chance to get more near to your clients or customer and to know what you are thinking about your product or service, how you can improve your product and service, provide them best experience to work with you.

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