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Poster card writing

Old is gold, this line is true, looking back from this modern world; you will see many cost effective ways to send message or market your product? Are you looking for such traditional way then connect with us. Post cards are one type of rectangular card which is used by many organizations or individuals to send post to from one place to another place.

They are effective way of sending the post at reliable cost. Small or Big Organization, uses this mode of communication, to send information about their new product launch or any discounts or offer or any information about the new sale for the product and service, which attract the customer to get engaged and grab the new product at discounted price, which help the organization to sale there old stock and get new stock in.

What is post card?

It is a rectangular piece of thick paper which is use of writing and mailing without using the envelope. In Some places post card are send at low fees compare to traditional letters. It usually seen as open communication on card in a prescribed format and size and are available in two different variants like single & reply post card . The dimensions of such post cards are 14 cm X 9 cm.

How post card look like?

As stated in above paragraph they are usually rectangular in shape and with address lines which are on right and having open space where you can write all your communication which needs to be send across to different  post cards receivers. They are usually light yellow in colour and on top they are having a stamp area where stamp is to be affix and also the post for which it belongs too. They are low at price and you can write your information which remain open and any one can read your post card and you can send it across to concern receivers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Post Card:


  • No need of envelope under which post card is to be sent
  • Low price
  • Easy to get from post offices
  • Low price of stamp are used and affixed to the post cards


  • Open communication, when post cards are send across the written text is open for every one any one can see what you have wrote

Nowadays, many small and big organization are also using postcards which are easily available as a mode of marketing in which they usually provide information about their newly launch services or products and send it across to their potential client. It has been seen as reliable method as it is not much costly and easily available.

With such type of marketing our competitor will not able to know that are you in market or not, are you competing or not as your competitor will remain in dark only. It is also easy to track as you can keep attractive offers in the post card and ask your recipients to bring those card making it easy to keep track of. They are also time saving as the receiver does not need to open envelope and then read they are open communication and easily readable Moreover, it does not take much space to you can easily take postcards in your pockets wherever you go. Furthermore, they are also easy way of redeeming. So want to grow our business then what you are waiting for as we at Canny Turtle provide a rich text, graphics, images and fonts to write a best post card which can be useful and eye catching too.

Postcard can grow your business, if you are small organization do not bother as postcard can thrive your business and your business may grow it is one of reliable and inexpensive way of marketing and keeping touch base with your customers or loved ones.

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