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Product documentation Writing

Let’s be honest do you like to do  product documentation if you ask same question to me then my answer will be No always, documentation is a lengthy and tedious task which no one likes. Product Documentation is preparing a document for the product which includes of all information about the product in stepwise. Documentation usually comes at various stage of project life cycle where it is necessary to build such documentation, some time it is called reference of what you are creating or easy way to understand what you are creating. Even though you do not like do documentation but it is a vital part of product involving computer software, about 20 to 40% of time is taken in preparing such documentation under project life cycle.

Documentation should be such that it gives precise information about the product for which documentation is done.

Effective way of creating such documentation:
  • Create document with pictures: It is said a picture worth thousand words, it is true we can minimize the length and complexity of the document if we insert pictures in the same
  • Give concise example: Readers like the proof and example as this will give them more information on the product for which you are doing the documentations
  • Write documentation for all set of users: Do not assume that documentation which you are writing will be easy to understand for all set of users, always think in broader way and write documentations which are available and easy to understand for all set of users.
  • Always write information about known limitations or bugs: If you say my software is 100% without bug then no one will believe you all software does have bugs but the impact of such bugs or limitation are not much but this information should be added into your documentation.
  • Proof read or tests the documentation: Sit down open you documentation and software both side by side and start testing the documentation, verify that it does not contain any unwanted steps or steps which are not closely associated with your software or product for which you are writing the documentation.
  • Add feedback section or references: Every documentation must have feedback section and information about where to send such feedback as well as please do not forget to insert the reference document as well
  • Add high quality images or screenshots and use proper font throughout your document
  • Explore new technologies: Try to explore market for any new technologies for creating the documentation which helps in creating the effective documentation
  • Try to create documentation yourself: The best person who can create such documentation could be the one who knows the in and out of the software and all the loop holes involve in the same
  • Insert proper fonts, bullets, headings, titles and images to create such documentations

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