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Squeeze page writing

Squeeze page is a landing page which is specifically created for getting the important information from the customer or client or subscriber like email address. It is squeeze customer in a way that person can compromise their personal data. With this increase in direct marketing and with advance in internet technologies the most important way of campaigning or attracting your customer or client is with mail. Squeeze page plays an important role in order to capture such information it is a single web page and use to get information from you customer or client or subscriber in order to generate further lead by getting in touch with you. Squeeze page are generally rich in image, interactive as well as some of the marketers also use audio or video to attract their customers.

After advance in technology for Search Engine Optimization, such squeeze page were eliminated and excluded from search results. Moreover, they were treating as spam due to their lack of content due to which many squeeze page has start including more information which adheres with the Search Engine Optimization and can be searched without eliminating the same.

How to create an effective squeeze page?

Now we got information about what Squeeze page is? And what it can do for us but it is also vital to know that how you can create an effective squeeze page . There are various methods as follows:

  1. DIY: Creating our squeeze page manually like with do for other landing pages.
  2. Generating Squeeze page: Using tools available in market you can also generate squeeze page. It will allow you to create such page where you can choose from different designs and styles as well as different templates available online.
  3. Squeeze page plug-ins: Different word press plug-ins provide such landing page or squeeze page templates for word press users. There are different plug-in available:
    1. Word press landing page plug-in: Create and track plug-in
    2. Word press easy sing up plug-in: where you can sign up forms
    3. Word press lead plus: Fast and easy squeeze page templates for word press
Need a professional help for creating such Squeeze Page:

We at Canny Turtle are pioneer in creating such squeeze page which can generate lead for you and increase your growth too. In order to create such Squeeze Page you can use our SqTool which is developed by us to create such Squeeze Page:

  1. Connect to us on our website
  2. Register with us and start using our SqTool
  3. You will find different templates, styles, designs, colours, image from which you can select and use it to create your Squeeze Page.
  4. Once you select those style or designs after that enter your text choosing fonts as you like and after that preview your Squeeze Page you created.
  5. If you want to modify the same then you can click edit and do the changes and you can preview again and once you get your squeeze page as per your requirement.
  6. Click on Submit to download the Squeeze page.
  7. You can download and edit up to 5 Squeeze page and after that you need to pay for it.

We also have different offers and discount which can help you out with creating such Squeeze Page at affordable price. Moreover, we also provide you with SEO service which can search your Squeeze page without eliminating the same. Moreover, along with such tool we also provide different word press plug-in which will help you out with creating such squeeze page which can target your audience and get leads for you. So what you are waiting for connect with us.

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